#TLWandersKorea: Flytpack in South Korea Review

by - Thursday, May 18, 2017

My South Korea trip ended two weeks ago, yet, I long to be back in that beautiful country in the soonest possible time. It became my instant happy place because of all the good memories I've had even in a short span of time. ❤️

I know it took me a long time to write about my first trip abroad. I wish I had written sooner, but I had so many things to settle as soon as I got back in PH! The good thing though is that now, I'm back in writing and I have so many stories to share with you in the coming weeks. Lots of food and itineraries involved. Hooray! 🙌🏼

I'm kicking off the #TLWandersKorea series by writing about my Flytpack WiFi router experience first. Many of you have probably heard Flytpack already because of the number of lifestyle and travel bloggers who shared their great experience with this WiFi router provider during their trips abroad, whether in Asian, Western, or European countries. This is the main reason why I also gave their travel wifi router a try during my 5-day trip to SoKor. 

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I cannot help but overthink a few days prior the trip on how I'll survive if ever I get lost in the streets of Seoul (!!!), so on and so forth. That's why as a digitally-obsessed person, the desire to be connected online as soon as I step in Korea is my top priority.

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I picked up my wifi router at Flytpack's office after work (Unit 703, Jecoprime Development Corporation, 20th Drive, McKinley Business Park, BGC, Taguig) since my boyfriend's office is a few blocks away. I booked an uber from my office in Pasig to American Cemetery because it's the nearest landmark from their office.


The travel kit comes in a portable denim bag. Inside the kit are the following: the WiFi router, travel adapter, charging cable and travel router manual. Any person with OCD will smirk upon seeing the specific compartments dedicated to every item inside the pouch. It is easier to check if you're missing out any item inside the bag! 😊


Because my Flytpack is in my carry-on luggage, I immediately grab the travel kit as soon as I landed in Incheon. As soon as I turned on the WiFi router, the signal is at its highest already and I was able to connect to all my social media pages in an instant. I had a little moment of celebration in my head because I'm positive that I will be able to return to the hotel I'm checked-in through Google Maps no matter what. hihi

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On my second day in Korea, my officemates and I went to Everland in Gyeonggi-do. It felt like we were going to a nearby province because the road is uphill and there were no residential places on the side of the road. 

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Regardless of our location, my connection remained stable around the park. I can just scroll through social media whenever I'm waiting in line for my turn. I also get to consult Google for the best attractions to see since Everland is too big to stroll within one day. 

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While going around Everland in the afternoon, I experienced data limit for the first time. How'd I found out? The screen of the router shows the consumed data along with the battery level of the router. Even if this is the case, the internet speed is like our regular speed here in Manila lol. Yes, there was a delay whenever I try to load a page or a video, but it was nothing to get pissed off.

Check out my instagram snaps (IG: @thelifestylewanderer) during my Everland trip below! 😊

During my speed test, my internet speed averages 6 Mbps with a ping of 30ms a day. Not bad for updating social media and video streaming! 👍🏼
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In my entire stay in Korea, I'm always left with 1/4 of the battery remaining in the router. Take note that I always go back to the hotel around 12 am (because there's too much to explore!). It's kind of impressive because I haven't turned off the router during the day and it lasted me even if I'm already resting in my bed. Good job on the standby power, Flytpack! 😏


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A day after I returned from South Korea, I got a message from Blackarrow Express saying that a courier has dispatched to pick up my Flytpack Retrieval item that day. It was such a convenience for someone like me who doesn't have time to drop by their office in the middle of the week to return the travel kit. 


Now that I finally got a chance to travel abroad, I'm happy that I trusted Flytpack for my connectivity needs in South Korea. The WiFi router was a huge help as I explore Seoul and its neighboring cities. It also made me feel safe knowing that I will know my way around whenever I happen to get lost while wandering around. I will surely get Flytpack WiFi router once again on my upcoming trips abroad. 🙌🏼

Going on a trip abroad anytime soon? Feel free to book your Flytpack WiFi router through this link: https://goo.gl/Q4lLfY! ☀️

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