3 Foolproof Conversation Starters

by - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Coming from a person who doesn’t party up much, getting attention in a bar automatically weirds me out and in times, heighten my guards more. However, if a person approaches me nicely, I’m pretty sure I’ll be welcoming his thoughts and contribute to a good dialogue.

Wonder how you can start a good exchange to a girl that you spot in a bar? Here ‘s what I think that are good starting lines to get you up and running! ;)

“I couldn’t help but notice you.”

On this starter line, the tone of your voice will define you as a good guy lurking around or a maniac who’s at the bar for other reasons. Sincerity in the voice must also be kept in mind to catch the girl’s attention. Also keep in to justify why did you notice the girl from a far. It’s a must! (Maybe it’s her dress’ popping color or simply because she’s alone)

“Got a lighter with you?”

Of course this applies when you spot a girl smoking! (And if you also smoke) hihi Keep in mind that your lowkey observation skill is the key. Be sensitive enough to check first if the girl has a guy with him or not. Once the area is clear, approach her and be natural in asking. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a response and perhaps, what you need.

Simply give her a look.

Sometimes all you need is a good glance to a girl to catch her attention. 3-second smile will do the trick once she stares back at you. ;)

To know if what your technique works, take it from Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco as they spot signs to see if a girl is interested to know you better. #MahabahabangInuman 

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