Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

It maybe normal for kids to make fun of others but this maybe one of the reasons why I felt inferior as I grow older. I was born having a disproportion body, making kids back in the days poke fun at me. (wow, tanda na lol) As I grow older, knowing that I do not fit the standard size of the society, this affected my confidence and feel less beautiful of myself.

Different campaigns from Dove Philippines inspire me because they empower women to be beautiful in their own ways. That real beauty prevails no matter how beauty magazines (before!) only feature caucasian-looking and modelesque women in their prints.

(I'm not saying that they are not beautiful, I'm just saying that prints now are way better because they advocate diversity and appreciation for all kinds of beauty are promoted as well.)


Be your own kind of beautiful is a simple reminder that I am admirable in my own ways. I do not need to be pretentious of what is called "beautiful" in this world, but rather be someone who's inspiring because of my uniqueness. Now, I learned to embrace my figure and flaunt it despite my imperfections.


Thank you Dove Philippines for remembering me as I embrace and express my unique beauty with this personalized gift set! (Love receiving personalized gifts!❤️ ) I'll always keep in mind to influence my girl friends out there to celebrate their real beauty as well and be proud of it. ;)

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