My First Haul Video is Now Up on Youtube!

by - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

After rendering this video, I have to stress out how FREAKING TOUGH it is do a single vlog. It's tedious and time consuming! I wonder how others do this on a daily basis. hihi Now, I have higher appreciation towards existing youtubers out there who produce videos worth watching! (hello to my youtuber friends!) 

Anyway, I gave in to creating my first haul video after getting inspired by different videos. Since you’re already here on my blog, I hope you can show some love and check out my Nike Black Friday Haul Video below. (pleassseee?)

Just to give you an idea about this video, the Nike Factory Store situated in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna had a Black Friday Sale last November 5 until November 30, 2016. Who I am to say no to a Black Friday Sale that promises 70% off on items, right? 

PS. I got my first ever Nike pair on this haul! :D (what a late bloomer) 

Do you think I got a good deal with all the stuff that I bought? Got any comments for my first haul video? I will appreciate if you give a comment, thumbs up!

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Do let me know as well if you got a YouTube channel through the comment section! I'll be happy to check your videos out and maybe give you a subbie. :)

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