8 Unique Finds at The Craft Central Physical Store!

by - Saturday, September 24, 2016

Are you one of those people who finds joy in visiting craft stores for no reason? (I'm so guilty of these lol) I can remember back in high school when I'll make it a point to drop by papemelroti just to check if they have new stocks of memo pads and what nots.

Lately, lots of instagram craft stores have been established and we had constant access to the most beautiful washi tapes and stationaries. Now, one of them steps up their game as they open their first ever boutique shop: The Craft Central.

After two years in the making, they've finally opened their doors to arts and crafts enthusiasts in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

Lucky enough to be granted access during The Craft Central's exclusive PR launch, I've rounded up 8 unique finds to look forward at The Craft Central store:

Pintura & Co.'s Handpainted Canvass Tote Bags

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -3

From their bio that says, hand-painted bags + artsy stuff made with love, Pintura & Co. is a startup brand that banks on handpainted totes, bags and the likes. Like me, you'll definitely binge-scroll over their colorful instagram feed / catalogue.

The Heist Club's crime fiction books

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#HeistClub Authors PH is a group of writers/authors that aims to uplift crime literature here in the Philippines. When they started last year, they were challenge to write tales of crime and mischief, fear and suspicion, dark alleys and dark souls. 

With the help of Mina V. Esguerra as their facilitator, they were able to produce 16 English crime fiction stories. In other news, these titles are also available at The Craft Central! :) 

Pins from Pointy Little Things

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -8

Pins are making a comeback and I think I'm sold from each piece! These cute enamel pins from Pointy Little Things are made to express your daily mood. <3

Scribble Starter kit from Ink Scribbler

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -9

They say, the best kind of learning is when you create something with your hands! Tired of your same 'ol routine, give this Scribble Starter kit a try and activate the other side of your brain. 

Wire concepts from Maikala

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -10

Keychains, bookmarks, accessories? Name it! Maikala provides handmade inspiring wire concepts through its artists owners, Mike and Iya. Eyeing these bookmarks for my newly-purchased crime fiction book! <3

Fabrics from Little Miss Fabrics

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -12

Now you know where I got my background on my future instagram posts. <3 There are wide cotton designs to choose for your clothing needs! Each bundle from Little Miss Fabric has four designs and I think it's a great deal for craft enthusiasts on the loose. :)

Note: The thing you see on the lower right is actually a measuring tape! 

Wooden Crafts from PS Craft with Soul

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -13

Didn't get a chance to score their goodies during Republokal (written about them as one of the brands to look forward at Republokal, read more here), that's why I made sure to get something from their pool of wooden crafts this time. <3 

Each designs from PS Craft with Soul comes in a unique pattern. Their products are also insta-worthy that your "girl friends" or girlfriends will definitely swoon at. 

Artisan Bath Bombs from Soak Artisan Soap

The Lifestyle Wanderer - The Craft Central - 1st store -15

DIY spa day is so in right now! For a relaxing quick fix after a long day, grab a bath bomb and indulge in the sweet scent of essential oils. Soak Artisan Soap also have cheesecake slice-like soaps that you can give to your friends craving for sweets. hihi :p


Because The Craft Central finally launched their own arts and crafts store, everyone is invited for their opening weekend from October 1 - 2, 2016! Expect loads of activities like craft stations where everyone can participate, watch demos and bring home lots of freebies! 

If you like what you're seeing, you can give The Craft Central a visit at Greenbelt 5 in Makati! See you when I see you. <3

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