Sweet and Chocolatey Starbucks Frappuccino® + Cookie Straw treat on July 4!

by - Saturday, July 02, 2016

This is not a drill! Coming July 4 - 10, one of Starbucks signature Coffee Frappucino® will be available in stores with an exciting twist! 

The regular Mocha Frappucino® has a new treatment in terms of the added java chips for a chocolatey crunch. Called the Mocha Ribbon Chip Frappucino Blended Beverage, the Mocha sauce is also lined in the cup before pouring the Coffee Frappucino® for a sweet balancing flavor. This beverage is finished with chocolate whipped cream, aromatic Turkish coffee grind and a cookie straw. Yes, a COOKIE STRAW! <3 

Instead of sipping the Frappucino with Starbuck's signature green straw, Starbucks fanatics now have an option to use a rolled sweet wafer biscuit lined with rich chocolate ganache. The cookie straw is light and crispy with a slightly toasted, sweet wafer and chocolate flavor. The Frappucino cookie straw will retail separately starting July 11 for Php 30.

The Mocha Ribbon Chip Frappucino Blended Beverage will retail for Php 185 (Tall), Php 195 (Grande) and Php 205 (Venti).

Who will be present at Starbucks this coming July 4? I am! :)

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