Snapchat Series: Valentines' Day Celebration

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Honestly, I didn't expect this Valentine's day to be exceptional. Work has been from side to side and I can't squeeze in some things that I want to do even on the weekends. Coming all the way from Marikina City, I zoomed my way to McKinley Hill to finally see my Valentine!

Choosing where to celebrate our Valentine's Day is no surprise at all. Jonas works just near the Venice Piazza that's why we gave this place a visit. I've been longing to give this place a stroll because of it's little Venice theme. I wish there were lots of Italian restaurants around though. 
In a span of three years, this was the first time Jonas gave me a bouquet of flowers. I wasn't expecting one because of his past experience. My face gleamed when I saw him handing the bouquet to me!! Aside from that, he also got me my favorite white chocolates that's good for two days max consumption. Hee hee. :p
Since we were in the area early, we were torn whether to try the gondola ride or not. I want to give it a try but we have too much stuff with us at the moment. Also,I don't want us to be the center of attraction of the people staying on the bridges. Just in case you wonder how much a ride costs, it's Php 500 pesos per head. That includes a singer and the person who stirs already. ;) I wanna try it next time when the crowd loosens up in the place. 
After a quick scroll around The Venice Piazza, we decided to grab food at Ukkokei Ramen Ron. There's just too much people in The Venice Piazza that day and all the restaurants are jam packed. It was a great time to eat Japanese at Tuscany since there are less people in the restaurant. In fairness, I'll definitely be back for their meaty gyoza!! :p

To my forever Valentine, I will forever reiterate how blessed I am to have you. Thanks for picking me up when I'm at my lowest. No words can explain how much I love you. Tamis! Heehee. 
Truly the... 
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