Ready to do the #UltimatteFaceOff?

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I know I'm not the only one who stopped using powder foundation because of oil and sweat concerns. Ever felt annoyed when after a few hours of applying powder foundation, your t-zone shines brighter than a diamond? So stressful, right?

Two days ago, I joined the bandwagon and did the #UltimatteFaceOff Challenge myself. 

Inside the #UltimatteFaceOff Kit were four kinds of foundation: The Maybelline White Superfresh, Brand X, Y and Z. The instruction was to spray water on each foundation and see how each foundation reacts.

With the water serving as the sweat, Brand X was left with the water accumulating on top of it. Brand Y and Z, on the other hand, instantly became cakey after a few spritz of water. Eeeek! As for the Maybelline White Superfresh, it instantly absorbed the water in a snap. 

It was a quick yet eyeopening challenge. The things I've unearth just by doing this challenge made me convert back to powder foundations again! Rest assured that my face will be kept safe from oil and sweat because of this heaven-sent product!

Thinking of giving White Super Fresh a try? Lucky you! I am currently giving away not one, but two Maybelline Super Fresh Pampering package. All you have to do is follow the four steps below:

1. Follow me on instagram. Click here.
2. Go to the Maybelline counter in nearest Watsons or leading department stores and do the #UltimatteFaceOff 
3. Post your #UltimatteFaceOff discovery with the caption on what you love the most about the Maybelline White Superfresh.
4. Don't forget to tag me (@thelifestylewanderer) and place the hashtag #UltimatteFaceOff for your entries to count ;)

That's it! You have until Thursday, February 18 to join. Good luck, wanderers! <3

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