The Quarter Life Crisis is Real

by - Friday, January 15, 2016

Life has made me lots of realizations just before 2016 went right straight to my face. Yes, jumping to a new year can be really fun in a sense that you get to renew yourself in some ways. But I have to say that I still have this fear of living up my expectations to myself this year. I know, getting older may seem like all fun, fun, fun. But heck no! It's hard deciding for yourself given the fact that if you choose a wrong choice, you'll really have to redeem yourself real hard. Truly, the quarter life crisis is so real in me.

I'm just happy that despite the adjustments that's going on my life lately, I'm happy I was able to somewhat pursue what I know I'll be best at while keeping some things intact in my life. The greatest challenge I've been through lately is probably managing my time from work to blog and other important matters I have to deal with. Yes, life is good but it may test the hell out of you sooner or later.

With all of these going on, I've found this book called "The Art of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli. It's really an interesting read since at first, I thought it was a self-help book but then it's not. The book actually enumerates different philosophies that affects the way we decide. And so far, I have to say that I am so guilty of the examples written in there. I actually got it for less than 500 bucks at Fullybooked. Great buy in my end.

Going on, I promised myself that I would get more personal with my blog this year. You know, like it's not all about the glamour of just going around places and just showing you the good side of everything, (Though I really want to be positive at all times).

On my next blog post soon, I'd probably write about how do I manage all of the cray-ness that's going around me right now. Let me know what you think!

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Segue: I've been itching to write a very personal blog post because I don't own any journal at the moment. Any nice journal suggestions out there?

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