Best Ramen for 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

by - Friday, December 04, 2015

As of writing, it's the 3rd Anniversary of me and my boyfriend. Duhh, as if it's not in the title. 

Contrary to some couple nowadays, we are the laid back ones who prefer hunting places to eat and immerse ourselves to different cuisines. Thanks to his friend Cris, we've found the best ramen place
in the south!

Ramen Yushoken resides along the compound of Molito Mall in Alabang. It can be found along the strip of other asian restaurants like Yoree Korean BBQ.
"Their ramen is derived from "Ramen God" Kazuo Yamagishi, the little blue statue found on their shelves. He is the most revered and influential ramen personality in Japan today. Having invented the popular tsukemen or "dipping ramen", more than 100 chefs who worked under Yamagishi have opened their own restaurants across Japanese, featuring Tsukemen on their menus."

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -9

We were welcomed by this menu that also serves as a place mat at the same time! Talk about less wastes! There was a category on this menu (right side) where it discusses the Ramen Yushoken 101 in the menu slash place mat. It is a great guide for newbie to Japanese cuisine who want to get the best out of their moolahs. It tackles the four different base sauces in their menu, description of side dishes and common ramen etiquettes that we surely want to keep in mind. Also, I'll add on there that their ramen is not available for delivery just cause nobody can't indulge in a cold ramen. Eeew! 

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -2

Welp! This is the first time I get to see all the chopsticks tucked in a single container. Guess many guests who fail to keep their chopsticks in their hands, huh?

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -5

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -4

Serving time went around 15 minutes maximum. Didn't mattered to us though because we were busy chatting and planning for our lives. Naks! We also had one Sola Iced Tea each to treat our parched throats.

I'll also have to add their fast wifi connection! I swear to do a speed test next time. Hehe But scanning on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was a breeze so I think that would suffice.

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -3

Jonas got the super chasu which is an off the menu ramen. The tonkatsu has a great slab that anyone can enjoy with the savory soup on the big bowl. If you want a little spice to it, just tell the servers and they'll add on some to your ramen.

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -6

On my end, I ordered the Ebi Shiyo, a seafood based ramen which is definitely a drool-worthy! And yes, it was meaty and I can't help but get sweaty while enjoying my fresh-from-the-kitchen ramen. It's authentic ramen taste and generous serving is something that I'll definitely go back to when I crave for some in the future.

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -7

In total, expect a 500 php per head if you feel like gratifying yourself with a super delicious ramen for dinner. I swear the experience is worth every cents that I'll give it a five out of five

Anniversary Dinner - Yushoken - Patty Villegas -8

For the love of my life, the past three years had taught me different things: to live, to laugh and to love selflessly. 

I'm a tough girl who wants to always gratify myself all  most of the time. It was you who helped me to stay managed with all my priorities and goals in life. Without you, I know I'll still be on the pursuit of knowing and immersing myself to stuff, but being with you adds so much color to the current chapters of my life. Happy nth monthsary, Jonas! <3


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