Why We Should Give GrabBike A Try

by - Sunday, November 15, 2015

I wasn't aware that last November 11 was the first day of the GrabBike Beta Test on Makati and BGC. Since I was running short on my cash on hand, I decided to give this a try since my destination would be around Makati area only.

I'm feeling a little nervous about my ride because of the following:
  • I've never rode a scooter / motorcycle around the area
  • It's already 8:50 pm
  • There is no photo of the driver on the app
  • I'm not certain about the helmet that I'll be using (hygiene-wise)
  • I have a laptop with me

Given these instances, I've made my booking and was asked by the app to pay Php 45 from Best Western Antel Hotel to Parksquare near SM Makati. There was no booking fee yet because its either they're still testing the market. 

In less than 5 minutes, I saw this driver in his scooter just outside the hotel lobby, staring at his cellphone. I double check the plate number like I usually do and stared at his scooter just to see if he is the one I booked for through the app. I realized that scooters doesn't have any plate number infront of the unit so I just asked him instead if his scooter has the plate number like what's stated in the app. He then said yes. I was expecting a motor instead of a scooter but then I thought this will suffice the fast ride.

Upon confirming, he gave me a helmet for me to wear. It was awkward at first because I immediately thought who might be the people who've worn this helmet before me for the whole day.

We left the hotel lobby around 8:56 pm and reached Parksquare by 9:10 pm. I didn't thought that the driver and I still conversed in that short span of time. Also, I get to enjoy the view of the buildings around Makati Avenue. Our pace is not too fast which is nice for a motorcycle rider driving around the city. We also went between cars that's why I had to harden my grip on the grab rail. Of course I won't hold on his waist because it's A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

As I was in the ride, security of my stuff wrapped around me was my main priority. Since I had a laptop bag with me, I had to put it infront of me and secure it all throughout the ride.

Upon reaching the destination, I unfastened the helmet in me and gave it back to him. After that, I handed him the Php 45 and thanked him for the fast and easy ride.

With this kind of ride, for a first-timer like me, I say that I'll give this a try again next time. Security for your stuff is a little meh. But if you're looking for a fast ride around the city (Pasay, BGC and Makati area), you can board on this ride which will take you at least 10 minutes from boarding to your area of destination. For girls out there who wants to give this a try, just make sure you are not wearing a skirt because the rider will decline you. 

Just few suggestions for commuters before trying GrabBike, just like what's stated in the infographic above, communication to the rider is of utmost priority. I figured out that if you let them know your thoughts like route preference or pace preference, you'll be more comfortable in the ride and most likely enjoy it. 

On the GrabBike's end, still there has a lot to work on like the identification of the scooter that it is an affiliate of GrabTaxi and the photo of the driver of the app. But I think this can worked on easily and it can be polished in no time. :)

Do you think GrabBike will work in our traffic's current setup? Drop your comments below and let's chat! :)

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