A Visit at Honey Creme Premium Ice Cream

by - Sunday, November 22, 2015

Late last October, my brother and I went killing time around Fort area while waiting for dad to fetch us. It was an interesting Halloween celebration in the area as stalls and boutiques got their own strategies to lure kids who went trick-or-treating.

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While walking around SM Aura, I've seen from a far the Honey Creme store. I've had that sinked in for a moment and thought, "Yes, it's the premium ice cream which offers cotton candy over a cup of ice cream".

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Yeap, I gave the store a visit and chose among the pool of mouth-watering ice creams. The prices are no joke that's why I had to choose something that would definitely make me come back! Of course, I choose the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato which costs Php 185.

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Honey Creme is a popular Korean Ice Cream specializing in organic soft-serve honeycomb ice cream. They're conquering Asian countries lately, particularly in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

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Affogato is an italian word for dessert (gelato or ice cream) topped with a shot of hot espresso. Being the coffee lover that I am, I'd opt this flavor than the rest of the choices. Just look at that drooling espresso make is way to the facade of the ice cream! :p

After drizzling the espresso, the staff placed the organic cotton candy. This definitely ended my search for the best cotton candy in town.

And voila, here's the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato by Honey Creme! <3

Even if this dessert looks like hella sweet for your tooth, the espresso balances its milky soft-serve ice cream and tad sweet cotton candy flavor. They're absolutely best-tasting when you take a spoon of the elements all together. This will definitely start your day right I'm telling you. This can be a pricey for a dessert but yeah, I'm definitely coming back for more soon. :)

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Here's some tips to make your Honey Creme the best one yet: Line gets fast that's why make sure to save your spot as soon as you finish your meal. Also, eating this dessert can be quite a mess. Take note of a place to stay where you can enjoy eating your dessert (prolly in the nearby food court) since Honey Creme doesn't have tables and chairs to cater everybody.

To know more about Honey Cream Premium Ice Cream, click here.

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