When Its Time to Actually Care

by - Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Disclaimer: So much babbling going on for the rest of the post. 

Did it ever came into your senses when you said to yourself, "I'm over it already. What happens happens"?

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I don't know that giving a f*** about everything is a necessity as you turn old. We sometimes hate our parents for it, but hey. This attitude is inevitable and you will sooner or later realize that you're slowly becoming a part of the cult. 

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Traffics are going crazy as each week passes by, Politicians are blatantly subtly promoting themselves for the upcoming elections, flood easily arises even in typical monsoons. Did you ever think when will you start to actually care and show concern for the stuff around you? Or even do something to contribute for the greater good?

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Top, H&M // Skirt, Apartment 8 // Hair, The Blounge Salon
Photos by: Jhean Torre

As for me, this is not a bad trait as long as (one) you what you babble is something worth of someone else's time and (two) you know it's for the greater good. Sometimes, being selfless is the best gratification that we could receive thus fulfilling our inner purpose. 

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"An army officer may have an overall plan, but before each battle he he has to receive and give out new instructions." -Keila Ochoa

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