Defying My Fear With Guns at the "Family-Friendly" Stronghand Shooting Range

by - Thursday, July 02, 2015

Just to give you a short trivia about myself, I was one of the two in our set of high school friends who took up ROTC when we started college. My initial thoughts to ROTC was that it's a cool additional subject where you can experience drills under the sun, learn about the defense army of the country, and handle a gun. I really find it cool that's why I enrolled for this NSTP subject.

Actually, I was about to go to a competition for the fastest assemble / disassemble for M-16 Rifle. I just didn't pushed through because it was also the same day I took my departmentals exam.

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If there's one thing I regret when I was still taking up ROTC, that is probably when I wasn't able to experience target shooting with them during that time.

I'm glad that I get to fulfill one of my goals in life when Stronghand Shooting Range and RMDC invited me to join them on an actual target shooting. It's my first time to do it, that's why I've been excited about this event for days!

Before going, we were notified to bring a valid Government Issued ID. Then as I enter the actual range, I immediately saw the 180 degrees view of the range.

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In front of the 180 degrees window is the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Coffee Shop were families can hang around while waiting for their dad or brother as they target shoot. 

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I'm a tad sleepless on this day that's why I felt a little heavy. With that, I chose to chug their Hot Chocolate for less than a hundred pesos. It did helped me wake up my spirits just before the activities for the day.

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We first attended the Fundamentals of firearms lesson care of Sir Benjie at one of their big seminar rooms that can handle up to 60 pax. A must for everyone before shooting so that you get the overview of the purpose of firearms and how does it motivate people to pursue shooting as a hobby.

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After the lecture, I learned how proper gun handling is very important to protect the people around you. I also learned about the basic stance while shooting. Makes me miss my ROTC days much more. Nostalgia!

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Just before the main activity, we were asked to place our bags in a locker because bags are not allowed inside the actual bays where people shoot.

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After dropping of our bags, we were handed with a 9 mm gun with two magazines and 20 rounds of bullets. An ear puff and eye protector is also provided which is a must-wear all the time while inside the actual shooting range to provide casualties. We don't want that, right?

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The indoor target shooting range has the Four Rules of Gun Safety posted in the walls to always remind the enthusiasts. This is a fun yet can be dangerous that's why they practice certain principles to make this venue a family-friendly place.

There is a person in charge inside the shooting range with us as well that's why I felt a little at ease since I have somebody to ask whenever things get fucked up. Lol.

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I felt different when I was actually loading the magazine with bullets already. I felt an intense fear that the gun may backfire. I WAS OVERTHINKING. Maybe it's the effect of being a little sleepless? That's why, to avoid further stress before shooting for the first time, I suggest you guys should take a good rest.

I tried shooting my first two rounds and the intensity just gets into my bones. It came up to the point that I can't shoot without a guide by my side. I felt scared of the gun and how it can actually kill. I think I am the most "hard to teach" student there. But then, I'm thankful for the guide who motivated me how we people should manipulate the gun and not the other way around. After all, it won't release without us pulling the trigger, right?

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Good thing, Stronghand is a teaching range meaning unlike other ranges where they don't accept tips. Instead, they recommend people to use it on their next shooting.

Patty Villegas - Stronghand Target Shooting -19

Alpha is the area for the bull's eye. On my first ten rounds, I got at least two bullets near the area. But then, fear still took the toll of me and I lost five bullets by the end of my session. 

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I repeat, actual shooting offers a different kind of intensity. What I like about shooting here (given the fact that it's my first time), the shooting range is a toxic-free environment. It is not just their toxic-free formulation of ammo, HEPA filter, turbine air exchanger but also their culture - 'no egos allowed' unlike other / most gun clubs out there. So that gives me more confidence to strut my stuff without worrying that someone might be laughing behind my back because my knees were shaking while shooting at first.

Patty Villegas - Stronghand Target Shooting -20

Here's how my 20 rounds went. I have to say I'm already proud of this one because aside from finishing twenty rounds of bullets, I was also able to change my perception among guns. It can really kill people but at the same time, it can be a fun hobby as well. I don't think this will be the last time that i'll shoot.

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Include this in your bucket list as well! If you feel like a little adventurous and you want a different level of intensity in your body, check out Stronghand Shooting Range's website at You can also take a visit at La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao Quezon City. 

Follow Stronghand Shooting Range here and here.

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