Potts Point Cafe: Now Open at SM Mall of Asia!

by - Sunday, April 26, 2015

Australia has been one of the countries in my bucket list that you want to visit one day. There are just so many things to see, do and eat there that makes me want to work hard and book my flight to this beloved country.

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Looking forward to their local cuisine, I finally got the chance to visit Potts Point Cafe on their newly-opened branch in SM Mall of Asia last April 11. 

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Potts Point Cafe provides Australian organic food and coffee perfect for all health-conscious Filipinos. I myself am interested to taste their dishes since I've never really tried a pure, organic meal yet. That's why I am excited for this new degustation with friends week.

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This place is perfect for friendly hangouts and meetings because of its upscale vibe. The indie music on the background can also make anyone stay there for a long time. If ever you are into working on cafes, they got an ample amount of outlets where you can plug in your charger.  

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The coffee that they serve in Potts Point are supplied by Delano Specialty Coffee, a coffee roasting company and coffee house based on the south coast of Sydney. Just to add on the credentials of Delano Specialty Coffee, they only roast sustainable and ethically certified specialty grade coffees.

As a coffee lover, my inner me is really ecstatic to try out their cup of joe. It was a tad bit hot that day that's why I went for an Iced Mocha.  (Large: P155)

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The Mocha drink has the perfect balance of bitter and creamy. Certainly my type of coffee. Just a piece of advice, if you are into sweet mix though, you can ask for Muscovado sugar to sweeten your drink. 

They also offer smoothies just in case you want to go for the fruity options. I love how refreshing the Banana-Berry Smoothie is! (P165)

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As I said a while ago, this place offers 100% organic food. They use only the freshest ingredients from a network of local organic farmers. 

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"What's in and what's not in our food"

Our chicken and pork are organic and antibiotic free
Our beef comes from grass-fed, free range cows
Our seafood is wild caught and not farm raised
Our milk comes from free range cows
No harmful chemicals and pesticides
About 90% of our fruits and vegetables are organic
Our eggs are organic
We use olive oil, coconut oil and butter for cooking and dressings
We use sea salt, kosher salt and Himalayan pink salt - with 84 minerals
No trans fat oils


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Shakshuka with Organic Pork Sausage and Eggs with Toasted Baguette Organic
I must say this is the dish that I enjoyed the most. The dip tasted more like an Italian pasta sauce with lots of ground pork on it. I really devoured on it even if the other dishes were served on our table.


Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 12
Cream of Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Organic Foam

This soup was a surprise. To be honest, I only eat cauliflower on Chopsuey. But then, this looked good to my eye that's why I just really had to try it. No doubt, this soup is really creamy. But like any other soup, consume it before it gets cold so you'll get the full taste of it.


Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 16
Thai Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken, Crispy Wanton and Pomelo
To some of you who do not know really well yet, I already labeled myself as more of a carnivore. But since I know that I am aging, I am trying my best to try new recipes that contains veggies on it. The crispy won ton is such a game changer for me when it comes to salads. On my mind, is really one single salad taste because of the same (you-know-what) ingredients. But when I saw the wantons on top, I was enticed to take a bite of it. The grilled chicken was well-cooked at the same time. 


Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 15
Linguine with Salmon in Dill Cream Sauce Pasta Capers

Who would not want to dig in this seafood special! It's creamy along with generous amounts of meat on the side. However, I underestimated the serving size of this plate. It actually is fulfilling in the end.


Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 9
Melange of Seafood Provencale  with Brown Rice Risotto
Prawns, Squid, Mussels and Salmon
This day was the first time I first tasted a brown rice and risotto. Looks like this dish will not work for me. I'm not a fan of sticky rice that's why I end up munching the seafood. 

Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 13
Roast Australian Lamb with Bone Marrow on Brown Rice and Demiglace

This was just another way of how a Bone Marrow is cooked. I love how it was glazed but I guess I am more into the salty lamb chops. On a good note, it tastes healthy. Healthy in a sense that it was seasoned well but I still felt it somehow lacks flavor for me.


Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 14
Grass-Fed Beef Burger with All Australian Australian Cheddar, Pickled Beets, Olive Oil Aioli and house-made Brioche Bun paired with Baked Sweet Potato Wedges 
(395 pesos)

Here goes one of Potts Point Cafe's flagship product. I really loved the organic burger. I did not felt guilty as much. However, I did not felt like the sweet potato complemented with the sandwich. I hope they just found a healthy way of cooking potatoes instead. But still, this is a great cheat if ever you are really craving for a burger and you're on the lookout for healthy options as well.


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Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango Trifle with Light Vanilla Cookie Crumble and Custard

This option fruity tastes like heaven. I love anything sweet and this made it to my list of my favorite desserts of all time. The natural sweeteners made it more appealing to me because I know that it's good for me.

Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 3
Sticky Toffee Pudding with French Vanilla Ice Cream
(210 pesos)

Presentation wise, it was a two out of five. They should've place this on a bowl and placed the ice cream on top. But hey, do not judge the book by its cover. Even if it does not look that good, wait until you try it yourself. These two just go well together. I can actually finish this by myself!

I have to commend their staff for being friendly and accommodating. I spilled my Iced Mocha because of my clumsiness and I can not help but regret. One of their staff (who I find cute: p) immediately approached me and gave me tissues. He also asked me if I wanted another glass, but I insisted.

Patty Villegas-Potts Point Cafe Launch 25

I had a fun and unique experience here and Potts Point Cafe. After this day, I promised myself to learn how to eat these kind of dishes so that I can come back one day and enjoy them.

Congratulations on your second branch, Potts Point Cafe!

Potts Point Cafe is located at the 2nd floor, South Veranda, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia.

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