Best Nail Polish To Sport This Graduation + Great Treat for your feet at Luxe Aura Salon

by - Friday, April 10, 2015

Graduation is just around the corner for me. It's been one hell of a ride yet I enjoyed it so much. Now that I am about to march my way to PICC, I wouldn't pass the chance to be the prettiest that I can be because YEA IT'S MY DAY. And I do believe that I deserve some rest and relaxation after years of working hard to get my most awaited degree. Agree?

Just recently, I found a new treasure in the south that offers not just treatment for nails but also for our beloved faces as well--Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio.

After working hard on my thesis for months, I know that my hands and feet were overworked as well on those sleepless nights. That's why I decided to show them some love by availing Luxe' mani and pedi, plus their signature 8-Step Foot Spa. They said people really come back after trying this not-your-typical foot spa. I just can't wait to try it soon as I've heard of it. :)

I like the ambiance of the nail and face studio. The interiors were minimalist making it more appealing to young adults. Their plain walls are also perfect for taking that wall nail selfie. Haha.

Kidding aside, they also have comfy couches where you can sit for hours. :)

Here are the ingredients materials needed for the 8-Step Foot Spa.

Given that I will avail of the mani and pedi, the foot spa was done first by Ate Shiela. Their foot spa, for me, was really distinct because of the many processes that my feet will undergo. Here's what happened step by step:


My feet was first soaked in warm water for 10 minutes to soften my skin. That alone made me feel relaxed in my seat.


I am so guilty of not maintaining my feet. If it could only talk back, they would've sweared in my face because of how I overuse them everyday.

My hard callouses were scrubbed using a wood foot file. Take note that they use one foot file for each feet, mainly because of hygienic reasons. No pain at all! Instead, I felt it was somewhat ticklish on some parts of my foot. :)


Luxe Aura uses minty micro beads for scrubbing. It's perfect for every type of skin. Hoorah! I've had this sensitive skin ever since and never did I felt any itchiness after the scrubbing all over my legs. 


I like this part of the process best!

After the micro beads were washed from my legs to feet, Ate Shiela applied this aroma therapy mask all over the half of my legs and wrapped it with a cling wrap.

Then, she wrapped the warm steam towel around both of my legs. This made my calves less tensed. It was so relaxing on my end that I can actually nap it off. This process was done for 20 minutes.


After 20 minutes, the towels were removed and ate Shiela cleaned my legs with warm water. After cleansing, I immediately notice how my legs got whiter over my thighs. Can they now also scrub my whole body using that micro beads as well? Lol.


What's a foot spa without massage, right? Ate Shiela sure hit those spots in my legs that needs TLC the most.


To end this incredible foot spa, she applied a good smelling butter all over my legs.


Here's another reason why this makes this process more remarkable. Their special peppermint oil was spattered on my leg area. What a great way to end the foot spa!

After the foot spa, I was treated with manicure and pedicure. Luxe Aura offers vast options for nail polishes. Name it-OPI, Zoya, Morgan Taylor and Essie, they have it on board!

Since I'm gonna be wearing this nails till graduation early next week, I was eager to try their gel polish. Though I tried it before and had a hard time maintaining it, I thought maybe this time I can make it work since I got more time for nail care.

Here's the nail polish that I suggest you sport on Graduation Day:

Gel finish - French Tip

Why? I think this nail polish gives off that classic look which can add elegance to your look. Of course you don't wanna look overdressed or underdressed on your graduation dress, right?

Also, this nail polish can blend in to almost any color of graduation dress. I haven't decided on what to wear for my graduation yet, that's why I think this was a safe choice.

And, I can also match it with summer outfits without worrying whether it'll chip off or not. It's gel so there's no need to fret at all!

Lastly, we all know that your nails will grow through time. When that day comes, you can cut off the excess nails without worrying if your nails will still look appealing or not. The natural finish of the nails hide the gel polish that your nails had gone through. That's a quick hack to sporting gel polishes! :)

Take a visit at Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio located at Dona Soledad, Better Living, Bicutan, Paranaque (Just infront of Puregold Jr Bicutan!) You can also drop by their Facebook page to know their latest promos!

How are you preparing for your graduation? Share it below on the comment section! :)

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