Bask under the Sun with Luminisce Sunblock! (A Review)

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No doubt that most of us girls really love basking under the sun because it's SUMMER! Even I wanna head on to the nearest beach and flaunt my skin without any worries. 

You may wonder where I get my strength to do this. I just discovered Luminisce Sunblock and the wonders that it can do to my face. Take note that I used to not put anything on it because it makes my face oily. But this one's indeed a game changer!

Patty Villegas-Luminisce-Sunblock 4

This SPF 50 sunscreen protection from Luminisce Holistic Innovations shields skin 50x from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Love the fact that this sunscreen has a matte finish perfect for the tropical weather. 

It also matches my skin color that's why on my idle days, it also serves as my make up base at the same time. Talk about multifunctional! With my sunscreen, trusted brow powder and lippies, I already achieved the no-make-up make up look. :)

Patty Villegas-Luminisce-Sunblock 1

Another reason why I am in love the fact that it comes in a hard bottle. I'm sure we all had that incident wherein our beauty product accidentally leaked from its container inside our bags, right? Well, no need to worry anymore!

Patty Villegas-Luminisce-Sunblock 3

The nozzle in the sunblock is also another turn on for me because I get to budget how much sunblock should I regularly put on my face. It's kinda important for budget-savvy women out there including me.

Patty Villegas-Luminisce-Sunblock 2

I guess Dra. Kaycee Reyes' reprimand to use sunblock every 4 hours made me realized how important this product is. Just in case you're asking at the back of your mind, here are some of the benefits that you can get from religiously placing sunblock on your face:

'Nuff said.

2. Premature Aging Prevention
I am just afraid to acquire fine lines and age spots even on a young age. 

3. Sunburn Protection
Of course, living in a tropical country requires certain protection to maintain a good-looking, healthy face. And what's a better way to attain that by using both moisturizer and sunblock! Good thing that Luminisce Sunblock covers both. So that's quality and money, combined! :)

Well, I want my future me to thank myself in the future. And I know you want that too as well! If I used to not apply sunblock everyday (even if I don't leave the house), now, my daily beauty routine isn't complete without doing this step. 

You can buy this product at Luminisce Holistic Skin Care, 2nd floor Mercury Drug building, 32nd Street, 4th Ave., Fort Bonifacio Global City.

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