Vision Building with BDJ Bookstore Series

by - Tuesday, December 09, 2014

2015 is fast approaching! Can you believe it? Insane because it's just 16 days before Christmas and I haven't had my Christmas shopping yet. And neither did I prepare myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially for the year coming.

When BDJ announced that they will be having a Bookstore Series about Vision Building, I didn't hesitate and marked the date. It was actually the first BDJ event that I attended which happened in the south. This one was held at National Bookstore in National Book Store.

Just by buying a planner, you get a chance to listen to THE PJ LANOT, eat dinner courtesy of Italianni's and win raffle prizes courtesy of BDJ's beloved partners.

I took my chance and bought my BDJ 2015 planner that night. I felt bad when I wasn't able to attend the BDJ Fair last October because I had prior commitments to attend to. But luckily, I grabbed my 2015 planner here. And since i'm one of the early birds, guess what? I got a free BDJ Live It Up Shirt and Stationary set. Oh how I love those colorful pens!

Wee! The BDJ coupons now come in a separate booklet. Less hassle for every on-the-go bella out there! :)

Here's also the new special page that you can see in the 2015 BDJ Power Planner-the Ikigai page. This simply answers the question "What's your reason for getting up every morning?".

I am thinking of making a feature of the BDJ Power Planner 2015. Are you interested to see what's inside of this very kikay Power Planner? Let me know your thoughts on the comment box below! :)

The program started around 7:00 pm. Ate Janine of BDJ hosted the event. She gave away lots of prizes and introduced the ex-media planner and now a successful entrepreneur and great speaker--PJ Lanot.

Because we often tend to be preoccupied with our school works or day jobs, we neglect planning stuff ahead-whether it may be planning for your personal life, career, family, or even love life. Therefore, PJ Lanot taught us the importance of Goal Setting. 

It was tough for me to write my 2017 goals. Honestly, It was hard because I don't know if what I'm writing is a dream  or a goal. But with some pointers said by Sir PJ, I get to jot down the important goals that I need to achieve by 2015-2017. 

Some of the pointers that indeed made a mark on me were:

☑ If you are writing your goals, make it BIG yet SPECIFIC and ATTAINABLE.
☑ The difference of Expense and Investment
☑ No to Procrastination and Multitasking
☑ Maximizing your talent or skill in becoming successful in achieving goals
☑ The importance of Passion in attaining goals; and lastly
☑ The difference of "Panaginip" and "Pangarap"  

Truly, this short and concise talk made me think of my goals to achieve this 2015. I am truly empowered! All thanks to the BDJ Team who made this talk possible, and also to PJ Lanot for giving a super fun and interesting talk! :)

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