Inspired By Bianca Gonzales' "Paano Ba 'To?!" Book

by - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's been a while since I last posted here. Hola, dear wanderers!

School has been a bummer. Requirements here and there, life events, plus my work at Sister Secrets, it's been quite challenging to juggle them all at the same time. But, despite the hardships, I take them all as a great opportunity to learn and enhance what I know. Everything's charged to experience.

There are times where I'm about to quit because life can be really tough at times. I know you know how that feels. I'm just glad that there are actually people existing, who I look up to, so that I can tell myself, "If they can do it, then why can't I?". And one of my #LifePeg is Bianca Gonzales-Intal.

Just to cut it short, I aspire where she is currently in now. A TV host, an Editor-In-Chief for Meg Magazine, Inspirational blogger, and now an author. To see her in person would already move me to be like her. And I did!

I'm lucky to get myself a copy of her first of many books entitled, Paano Ba 'To?! How to Survive Growing Up at National Book Store, Trinoma Mall. 

Paano Ba 'To?! book is basically about Bianca's advice on different stuff from time management, family, Career and Money, Love life, and even Purpose. Indeed, anyone can relate to with this piece of art. 

More than anything else, I wanna see her in person and hear what she has to say with this dream project of hers. She's very down-to-earth and it's no wonder why everyone likes her. 

So glad to have my friend Abby with me that day.

That obligatory selfie with everyone who got a copy of Bianca's first book.

As I was having my book signed by her, I don't know why I'm having the chills and all that. I told her I was a reader of her blog and it's a happy moment when I had a tangible material of her words of wisdom. 

After that, she signed my book and this is what she had to dedicate on my book.

One of the reasons why I love this book is because it is visually appealing. From the doodles to the typography done by Abbey Sy, I was so entertained I didn't noticed that I actually finished the whole thing.

Every chapters feature one like this to keep you up and running with the book. I would want to peel it off and place it in my visual board, but I guess I would have to buy another copy instead so that I will not ruin my copy with Bianca's dedication.

Unlike normal inspirational books, it also has a work page where you can answer different questions about life. I can't wait to be artsy with these pages. :)

Now, I'm sharing you my favorite part of the book. How I wish I can show you everything inside Paano Ba To?! but it would really be better if you'll get a copy yourself so you could savor every wisdom that you can get from Bianca and her friend's who also gave their pieces of advice about growing up.

I'm at that stage in life where I am very much aware of saving for my future. Less than one semester, and i'll be leaving college. That's why when I bumped into this page, I got curious and read the facts about savings from the one and only, CHINKEE TAN.

I'm so happy that I got myself a copy of this book. I know that there is a part of it that I can relate to. Especially now that I'm in the transition stage of being a student and a young professional. 

This book can also be a gift to yourself, or your younger siblings or friends.  You can buy Paano Ba 'To?! books at leading bookstores nationwide.

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