#BeYOUtified by Danah and Stacy

by - Sunday, December 21, 2014

Series of events had been happening side by side for me on the recent weeks. I feel so guilty not updating this blog as daily as I should. But still, I'm happy that you (aka the wanderers) are still there to check out my blog on whatever things I try to unearth.

Just to let you know, this is a blog post that I'm truly excited to share everyone since I consider this as one of the major things that I learned this 2014--and it's all about MAKEUP

Last November 25, Danah and Stacy hosted the #beYOUtified makeup workshop. A workshop that is filled with bonding while we learn basic makeup techniques and hair makeover at Azta Urban Salon-SM Jazz, Makati.

I just did my makeup haul from a drugstore near the salon hours before the start. That's how busy I got over the past few weeks. I rushed buying makeup stuff AN HOUR before the start of the session. So just imagine my stress before the workshop. Ha ha. 

The reason why I still commend myself despite my rush makeup hauling is that, I still managed to check out other beauty blogs on what are the may-not-be-the-best makeup in drugstores but at least can suffice the need for a basic daytime makeup look the morning before I bought "drugstore" makeups. 

Mentors of the day-Danah and Stacy of the Plump Pinay
Danah is coaching us with the makeup techniques while Stacy is doing the techniques with us.

Here is Ana, who wants to do her own makeup in the near future, taught by Danah on how to do contouring based on her face shape.

And my other classmate for the day, Neli. 

It's been the longest time that I try to say to myself that I know to apply makeup already. But I was wrong. I got an incomplete set and I never thought contouring can play a huge part of the output.

Never thought after moisturizing, concealing, contouring, shaping my eyebrows, and doing final touches, can I achieve this daytime look! 

All thanks to my fairy god mothers Danah and Stacy!

And for the next makeover, it's now my hair's turn to have a pampering session courtesy of friends from Azta Urban Salon.

They decided to treat my hair with a Lycopene Treatment. This is suited for girls and guys who want to nourish and revitalize colored hair. It's so perfect with my ombre hair! Read my Ombre experience here

It was an hour or so treatment. Love how accomodating (as usual) the staff are. :)

And here's the final look!

Top and Jeans from H&M
Necklace from Bea's Place

Never thought doing my own makeup can be so addicting! Thank you so much to Danah and Stacy of The Plump Pinay for giving me a chance to join you on this fun day. I've been doing my makeup for weeks and I'm happy because it indeed increased my confidence wherever I go. :)

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