6 Reasons Why I Will Dine Again At Fratini's Restaurant

by - Tuesday, December 09, 2014

As for me, I find SM Jazz, Makati an underrated place where you can find variety of food places wherein you can dine with your friends and loved ones.

In the lane of restaurants offering scrumptious food option lies Fratini's restaurant. A casual dining Italian Restaurant where you can find delicious but healthy options on their wide array of Italian dishes. 

I listed below the 5 reasons why I will dine again in this Italian Restaurant. (In no particular order)

1. Wide Space, Clean looking Restaurant

This is how Fratini's look like from the outside of SM Jazz, Makati. Since the restaurant also offers cocktails, wines and other liquors, you can order and have your drinks outside while smoking. (Don't get me wrong, I don't encourage smoking here.) But I would love to tag my friends who smoke along when I dine in here. 

You can check out there big menu from the outside and see what Italian food entices you!

You can also see Fratini's at Zomato. Click here.

2. The Rich History of this Restaurant

If you wouldn't ask, Fratini's restaurant is established first in Brunei in year 1996. And take note, it is one of the most famous restaurant there. Since then, they expanded to Malaysia, and now, they've reached the Philippine shore. 

Mr. Jojo Hernandez was there to tell the tale of Fratini's from way, way back. 

3. Fratini's is sensitive to their customer's requests

If you are allergic to some ingredients that makes up your favorite Pizza or Pasta dish, worry no more! Just tell them that you are allergic to any ingredient and they will adjust the recipe just for you! 

They are very trained to do this kind of tweaking on their dishes since they came from a Muslim country. So, what you'll actually taste if ever you had your food tweaked will still taste the same.

4. Their vast selection of Beverages

Are you like me who also looks forward to the beverages in a restaurant? I don't know why, but aside from the sauces that a resto has, I also check out the unique beverages that a restaurant offers.

Like what I said, from Mocktails, Cocktails, Wines and other Liquors, they got it all in the house.  So whether you are dining with your family or with friends on a Friday night, you'll surely find the suitable drink whoever who you are with.

Here are some of the mocktails that you can get on a fine day at lunch or dinner.

Strawberry Tango - P 145.00

Butterfly Iced Tea - P 105.00

Banana Oreo Delight - P 145.00

And their signature mocktail, the Banana Bush - P 135.00

This one is made up of Banana, Orange, Passion Fruit and Grenadine

It's taste for me is similar to Four Seasons but a little bit sour. Since the weather is kinda chilly and I'm catching up colds recently, I find this drink soothing for my throat.

Catch this 50% promo on signature cocktails!

5. You Can Make your Own Pizza

For just P 225.00, kids and kids at heart can make their own pizza topped with 3 of your favorite pizza ingredients!

From kneading, to tossing, decorating your own pizza, and putting your dough in the oven, Fratini's will let you experience that with the help of their accomodating chefs.

Chef Jay-R Naniong first taught us how to make our own pizza. Sir Jojo challenged us to make a 21-inch pizza instead of the regular 9-inch pizza. Exciting, isn't it?

After kneading and tossing, he placed the organic tomato sauce on top of the dough. 

FACT: Their tomato sauce are made fresh everyday to assure quality taste!  
So how's that for a fresh tasting, yummy, pizza? :)

Voila! Here's the outcome of Chef's creation!

And now, it's our turn.

Credits to Nicole Paler.
Check out her Fratini's experience here.
I underestimated the kneading and tossing of a pizza dough, But boy was I wrong! It may look like I'm having an easy peasy moment with this dough in the picture but it is really hard. Especially because I am aiming to toss a 21-inch pizza dough. I suggest that you also try it as well. 

Check out the other groups' creations!   

And for our pizza! We ended up doing 2 flavored pizza in one. Miyo was my partner and I'm happy because he is a breeze to work with, Our decisions were almost the same that's why we approved on almost everything that we place on our pizza.

Credits to Miyo Briones, Jr. 
Check out his Fratini's experience here.
I will never forget the day I first created my 21-inch pizza. with Miyo. :) 

And 6. Their Scrumptious Italian Dishes and Desserts ❤❤

Disclaimer: Fratini's doesn't serve pork in any of their dishes. But they use other meats such as chicken, beef and even lamb too suit your meaty cravings.

Presentation-wise, I am well impressed with everything that was served to us. 

Though I am not a fan of salads, (cause I'm a carnivore, lol) these two salads caught my eye. 

Sicilian Salad - P325.00
Crispy Romaine, Tossed in Sicilian Dressing, Herb Croutons, Mixed Fruits, Crispy Chicken and Tomato

Insalata All'Ortolana - P 325.00
Assorted of fresh mixed vegetables leaves in balsamic dressing with grilled vegetables, roasted capsicum, marinated artichokes and tomato wedges

Inspired by the Italian flag, we were served with Ravioli Al Gamberoni, Fettucine Carbonara, and Linguine Al Fruitti De Mare.

Ravioli Al Gamberoni - P 315.00 (Small) and P 425.00 (Large)
Home made pasta filled with prawns meat and cream cheese, tossed with squid, olives and parsley sauce

Perfect for seafood lovers who wanna eat seafood in another manner. Don't be fooled by the thick green sauce, it actually complements the Ravioli filled with prawns meat. Too bad I didn't get a lot of these. :'(

Fettucine Carbonara - P 315.00 (Small) and P 405.00 (Large)
Italian noodles tossed in creamy sauce, parmesan cheese, egg yolk, and beef rashes or chicken breast

In our case, our group got the Carbonara with the chicken breast. It didn't failed my expectations. It's not like your regular carbonara. The creamy sauce with the cheesy flavor says it all.

Linguine Al Fruitti De Mare - P 325.00 (Small) and P 475.00 (Large)
Special flat pasta served with assorted mixed seafood, garlic, chili, fresh herbs, and tomato sauce or fish bouillion 

If you are the traditionalist who wanna get the meat of clam or mussel from its shell, I definitely recommend this one to be your top of mind dish. I love how tender the prawns are and how it complements the tomato sauce. 

Behold carnivores and see these slabs of meat cooked into perfection! 
Like what is said on the board, all these meats are served with Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Market Vegetables.

Braised Lamb Shank - P 1,115.00

In Rosemary Mint Sauce 

The Braised Lamb is so tender. It's my first time to try both a lamb meat and a mint sauce, and I was surprised with how delish the taste is.

 Mixed Grilled Meat - P 1, 455.00

Rack of Lamb, Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Breast Fillet with Pepper Sauce

The perfect dish to all the meat-lovers out there. It may look like it's pricey for its serving, but I tell you. It's more than enough when you share it with your family or group of maybe 3-5 people. I just wish there is an ample amount of Pepper Sauce so that I can enjoy it with my mashed potato as well.

Seafood Special - P 1, 455.00

Pan Fried Red Snapper, Pink Salmon, Tiger Prawns, with Lemon and Butter sauce 

This is my favorite dish among all the meats served to us for today. Honestly, I would consume all my recommended Protein intakes with this seafood dish. Just by looking at it, I felt bad for people who has an allergy with eating seafood because this is just heaven. Again, it's pricey but the quality and service size gives justice to it.

Just a general commentary on the Mashed Potatoes, I find them bland and rough for my taste palettes. I would still prefer Burgoo's Mashed Potatoes with its gravy on top. 

Also, the cuts of the vegetables made it seem like it's for garnishing only. The cut was too big for me to slice it and enjoy it along with the dishes.

And for all the sweet tooths out there, here is some of there dessert selection.

Tiramisu Tradizionale - P 205.00
Traditional Italian Cheesecake layered with lady finger soaked in espresso coffee and topped with creamy mascarpone and cocoa powder

I was excited to try this tiramisu out. We were warned that it easily melts after a short period of time. We all had our part in taking photos for this one. And when it's time for us to dig in, personally, I didn't liked it that much. Since the tiramisu and it's filling is partly melted, it tasted like an espresso in bread frosted in the fridge. 

Pana Cotta De Frigole - P 125.00

Strawberry cream dome served with chocolate sauce and fresh strawberry brunoise

This made me become a fan of Panna Cotta! It was just so good I can eat it all by myself. The fresh strawberry brunoise is not too sweet. I can tell that it's fresh and did not come from a preserved strawberry syrup container. Fratini's is now my top Panna Cotta place! :)

Classico Del Pudding Di Choco - P 175.00
Fratini's classic dessert of fresh homemade chocolate pudding

This is a piece of heaven. I love how malty its chocolate on the inside was. Since it's served hot, the cream tends to melts shortly but I don't care. A sweet lover like me (literally and figuratively) will dream about this chocolate pudding because it's divine!

There you go, my 6 Reasons Why I will Dine Again at Fratini's Restaurant.
 They may not get a perfect score for me but I will for sure, go back and dine here again because my favorite food is available on their menu!

Visit Fratini's Restaurant at Ground Floor, SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia corner Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City.

They're open from 10 am to 10 pm daily! :)

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