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by - Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's a busy day for me on the day I was invited at Teppanyaki Xpress for a Foodie meetup. It was my first a perfect lunch since I am on the grind since that morning. 

Teppanyaki Xpress is located at Fisher Mall at Quezon Ave. Northerners be glad. Delectable teppan dishes are at your reach! Wish they'll have a south branch, too. 

The chef gave a short kitchen show before preparing our Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice). There was some fumble. He's kinda nervous, maybe?

The moment I stepped inside Teppanyaki Xpress, the aroma of grilled meat hit me. It made my stomach churn since it's already past lunch time when I got to the place. 

For appetizer: Shishamo or the Pregnant Fish rated at 335 php. It comes with a dancing egg, gohan and soup. As it was being cooked, I just though of it as a regular dried fish. But when I started getting a piece of its meat, I literally saw all the eggs of that fish. It didn't suite my taste since I'm not fond of any kinds of pregnant fishes. But anyway, if you are still adventurous enough, I have to agree that it complements with the dancing egg. Eat it together and its taste becomes more favorable.

Of all the sushi and sashimi that we're served to us, the Spicy Salmon (225 php) stood out for me. It has the right kind of kick that will definitely ask you for more. I don't love all Japanese food in general but this made me think twice.


Spicy Salmon

What is Japanese food without Tempura? The moment it was served to us, I can't help myself and started digging in. Its sauce was served hot (which is good), but is kinda bland in taste. 

The Entry Level Angus Beef was chewy. It depends on the way that it was cooked. I think ours was done in a medium rare style. I didn't became a fan sadly.

Other Meaty Options:



But, the Shrimp Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice) (At 85 php per cup) is so good. As in. Since the chef cooked it in the teppan in front of us, it was so mouthwatering that I can't wait to get my hands on my rice bowl. This is one of the reasons that would make me dine here again.

I would just like to suggest for the cook to become more observant in terms of hygiene. I was enjoying my oyster when I saw a hair strand on the remaining pieces. Too bad because I like how tasty it was. I got turned off after that.

I hope this doesn't happen again since I love the 3/4 of the food that they offer here. Anyway, this incident isn't a major factor why I will not go back to this place. I'm still a teppan fan after all.

I really had fun meeting new people at this Foodie Meet Up. Since it's also my first time, I really felt the belongingness in the group. Everyone was just cheerful and accomodating. Thank you Zomato for inviting me!


Teppanyaki Xpress can be found at Second Floor, Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City.

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