I Showered With Dial Coconut Body Wash + Review

by - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For people who are of my age bracket, I know that at some point in your life, Dial Coconut Soap has been part of your bath time. It's now back, and I think it'll be back for good!

Soap products come and go, each brand claiming a uniqueness that sets it apart from its competitors, be it an extra ingredient for cleansing or a supposed cutting-edge solution for certain benefits. However, in the end, perhaps the true test of a winner is time, a brand that has lasted for a long time, been relished by many generations, and yet keeps reinventing itself in the process.

This is the "Coco" that everyone has been talking about lately.

The Dial Coconut Water Bath Wash and Soap.

To use this one, all you need to is to squeeze a generous amount of Dial Body Wash onto a wet body sponge. After that, lather and rinse it with water.

Love the fact that the packaging of the Dial Body Wash is intended for family use. It's actually shareable. And can I just say that the coco smell lingers in your skin all day long? I would want my family members to use this one so we'll all smell nice at home. Haha!

I just wish this one also comes in travel size so that I can bring it with me on quick trips.

Actual body wash when poured on hand
They also have a Glycerin soap if in case you are more of the conventional one. The size of this one is almost as same as the other local soaps in the market. But, I still recommend this one because of its natural fragrance. It makes me wanna take a bath more than twice everyday.

Dial is also associated with beauty. Celebrities, beauty experts, and other medical consultants have attested to the way that it smoothens and makes skin supple, bringing out the user’s lovelier features while removing unwanted dirt and grime. The end result is a more attractive demeanor that improves social interaction and boosts self-confidence.

Dial is also widely known to be refreshing. Though its superior cleansing can make you sleep well at night, it also energizes you for the day through a pleasurable bath. Its touch of the soap bar on your skin can awaken your senses and readies you for the next day’s challenges. The knowledge that you have been well-cleansed and highly refreshed can add another spring to your step.

Withstanding the tests of time and being a favorite in a family tradition speak volumes for Dial. At the same time, the brand new generation known as the Millennials is discovering how it addresses their skin care and health needs for a more modern, faster, and hyperactive era. Classic and at the same time contemporary, while remaining on the cutting edge – these are the traits that make Dial a leader in the body care industry worldwide and a favorite of customers for all times.

You can grab dial at the nearest supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

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