Aqua Mineral Bondate + Total Silk Body Scrub and Blissful Body Butter Review

by - Thursday, November 27, 2014


Prior to the actual day of this bondate with co-bloggers, the name of the brand, Aqua Mineral, seemed familiar to me. I just can't remember at first how I became knowledgeable about it.

Only to find out that I've been seeing their kiosk at Alabang Town Center. How will I not forget about it. They have a very fragrant kiosk with smiling attendants. The thought of going to the product's actual launch at the Gramercy Cafe put that smile on my face as soon as I realized everything.

Just to inform the wanderers reading this post now, Aqua Mineral provides complete skin care system that is created to help slow down your skin's aging process and maximize its well being.

What I love about all the products of Aqua Mineral is that it all actually came from the dead sea. Very natural. Knowing the rich history of this sea, it's amazing how CosmetiGroup Int'l Corp. brought all these amazing products to asia, particularly in the Philippines.

CosmetiGroup Int'l Corporation's Brand Manager, Erez Lugassi

Their Dead Sea Skin Care products are so vast that you'll definitely see a particular line that suits your skin flaws.

These tubs smell good altogether!

These are two variants of the Aqua Mineral Professional Nail Kit. It is currently valued at 2,500 php per box. There is also a 3,000 php worth. Basically, the difference of the two is the size of the hand and nail lotion.

I can't wait to show you the wonders of these nail kits! Stay tuned as I unbox my own Aqua Mineral  Professional Nail Kit soon.

The audience also get to experience it during the bondate. Just to spoil you a little bit, after I saw the results in my left thumb nail, I immediately had my other nails done as well. It's as if you have polished nails done in less than 10 minutes! :)

All the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty bloggers went gaga during the demo session. We were all amazed by how real-time the results are.

This is the water used in rinsing one of the blogger's hand after scrubbing. You can see the actual dirt that were scrubbed off using the Aqua Mineral Total Silk Body Scrub. Eeew! 

I was happy when I get to take home this precious tubs. You know what it means, it's time for another BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW! :)

Let me introduce you to the stars, 

The Aqua Mineral Total Silk Body Scrub--Forest Dreams
The Aqua Mineral Blissful Body Butter--Springtime

If I'm not mistaken, each jar is sold for P2,100 php. Don't get me wrong, the longetivity is around 6 months plus. Not bad if you're the type of wanderer who splurge into luxurious spas for a deluxe body scrub. Right?

First stop, the Total Silk Body Scrub. As you open it for the first time, it is actually sealed to prevent the oil from spilling.

As soon as you peel the thin plastic, the good smell will linger all over the place. I actually just had my scrub done before I blogged that's why I am still on a high.


After having a shower or a bath, get a small portion of the salt scrub and start applying it all over your body. I suggest that you scrub with pressure so that the skin will easily flake out the dead skin cells.

After scrubbing, rinse with water. 

Use this at least once every two weeks.

Easy peasy, right?


After scrubbing, I immediately saw how my skin brighten. Since I first tried it left arm. I saw how it's shade lightened compared to the other one. Because I think that the salt scrub easily removed the dead skin cells.

 It's natural scent was a plus, too. I honestly think it's a good alternative to pricey body massages from well-known spas.

After scrubbing, of course, our skin needs to be moisturized to complete the regimen. This is where the Blissful Body Butter--Springtime takes place.on the spotlight. Since it's scented, you may wanna test it out first and see if it has an alleric reaction to your skin.the smell is just too good.

But oh-la-la, the smell is too good that you'll eventually get second stares. The moment I get out off the bath room, everyone outside complemented because 

It comes with a lid to also prevent the lotion from spilling.


Apply small amount of butter  all over the body after scrubbing.


The actual consistency of this butter is thick that's why you don't need to get a generous amount to cover your body. Like what I said above, this can actually last for 6 months or more. :) With that amount, you can evenly apply it to your body parts. 

I felt how hydrated my skin was after applying this. Makes me wanna smell and flaunt my skin all day long. 

Also, this is the suspect on why my skin feels soft all day long. You can't really tell how good it is unless you experience it yourself.

I wouldn't hesitate and invest on this key skin care products.

Aqua Mineral kiosks are all over the country. You can find them at SM Megamall, Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Malate, Glorietta , SM North EDSA, SM The Block, Century Mall, SM MOA, Trinoma, and Abreeza Mall-Davao.

Check their Facebook page here for more information.

Disclaimer: The products were provided by the brand but honest opinions were stated in this post based from the actual experience of the blogger with it.

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