Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!

by - Monday, August 04, 2014

As a blogger, I can't help but be overwhelm with all the stuff that I acquired during past events - may it be from a shopping binge, or a freebie from an event. Apart from that, I like getting stuff that are not so common to the public. I don't know why, but it just became my thing one morning. I seriously didn't think of selling these precious babies of mine until I learned about OLX PH! It is a buy and sell website where you can also sell your pre-loved stuff. 

It's about time that I look for new parents that would love and take care of these babies as much as I did. (It's still kinda hard for me but yeah) Check them out below. 

1. PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack (aka Cordless Powerbank)

This is one of the most helpful gadgets that I have at hand right now. Everyone who see this wonder what is and what does it do for me. It was quite funny seeing their reactions that this is actually a power bank without a cord. The moment I got a hand on it, I got curious if this has any counterparts in the country. The good thing is, it doesn't have yet. 

But I thought of selling this one because I got another power bank (with a cord) of the same mAh. I think it would be unclever if I don't give up one, right?

Check it here: 

2. Native Union Pop Phone

This is my another treasure that I got from a party. It was such an eye candy, don't you think? :) This was a helpful gadget for me because my phone don't get wet because of my sweat after long period of phone calls. Also, the vintage feel of this pop phone is just a plus! 

But then, I don't do phone calls that often anymore that's why it was included in the list of my pre-loved items.

Check it here: 

3. Rebel With A Cause iPhone 5 Case

Being a part of the media gives you the perks of getting freebies. I once attended this event at 71 Gramercy and got this item as a part of the Press Kit. The eye-catching graphic illustration makes me wanna use it immediately. Also, I am in love with dogs that's why I liked this case the moment I saw it. The only problem is, I don't own the latest iPhone 5. I think that mainly answers the question why I wanna give this baby even though it's sooo pretty. :(

Check it here:

And here comes my favorite stuff among all the pre-loved stuff that i'm gonna sell at OLX PH.

4. MY 2D Hand Bag

I will never forget this 2D Bag that I got from the first ever sponsor of my blog. This bag has a sentimental value because it ignited my blog so much. But because my lifestyle nowadays require big bag for me to place my stuff, I rarely use this bag when I go out. I believe that there is someone who wanna take care of this baby. 

So here you go! Here are the 4 pre-loved stuff that i'm going to sell at OLX PH. 

If you are also looking for another stuff that you can buy, you can check out the hashtags #YesYaman and #OLXPH or better yet, visit their website at www.olx.ph!

Happy shopping!

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