My #CTStyleStory Unveiled!

by - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Before anything else, I just want to share something to all my lovely readers. Welcome to my first ever blog post with my official domain,! :) Blessings truly surprise you at the least time you expect it! So yeah, more posts to come with this new link. 

Now that you are on my official first post ever, I really wanted to share something new that all of you guys could relate to--Shopping!

I'm very lucky to be one of the few people who won @paultheprguy's Instagram Contest. What did I do to get my hands on the 1,000 php GC, I just shared What My Style Fantasy is.

Come to think of it. I always thought of wearing something breezy and comfy which made me say #IdRatherBe that Boho Chic. Light pieces plus breezy skirt makes a good combination to an on-the-go outfit, right?

Now that my Style Fantasy has been unveiled. I headed on to Commonthread at 2/F Rockwell Power Plant Mall to become this fantasy somehow a reality. 

I've been eyeing for a pair of Praiaz shoes ever since! Sad tho because they don't have my shoe size. 

Who wouldn't notice all the lovely hues of the Havaianas flip flops! The perfect flip flops for every season.

I'm in love with these Bensimon bags! 

Look at this cute shoe (aka one of their best sellers)! 

Yup, You can also check out Commonthread for your daily make up needs courtesy of Snoe.

Now this captured my attention. This is my first time to actually see a waxed canvass bags from Gouache. What made me fall in love with these bags is that they are actually water resistant!

Awesome to know that these bracelets actually symbolizes Women Empowerment!

And tadaaaaaaah! Here's what I got in the end. A Gouache Waxed Canvass Bag that I can also use as a bag for my DSLR and a stainless silver bracelet! Aren't they nice?

Closer look to the silver bracelet.

I love how the two rings form an infinity sign. It gives me a subliminal message that I'll get infinite happiness from everything that's happening to my life now. (Medyo deep, haha!)

Lookie! Wasn't expecting to see Kat Valdez around for the first time. Funny because I was too shy to approach her because I'm afraid that I might be mistaking someone as another person again. :) If you are asking who's the girl i'm with, she is a fashion blogger who happens to be a beach bummer at the same time. :)

But then again, thank you again Ate Kat for showing me around Commonthread and helping me choose the best stuff that I could buy. Would love to see you soon!  

Also, I wanna thank kuya @paultheprguy for the wonderful giveaway! More power! 

If you just found a nice piece in Commonthread through this post, don't hesitate to visit them at Greenbelt 5 and Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

You can also follow them at @commonthreadph for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Till my next shopping adventure, friends! :)

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