Não Do Brasil: From Paris To Manila

by - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Every lady cannot deny her love for shoes, right? Whether it may be a wedge, stiletto or sneakers, we cannot just leave those shoes out there in the mall if we know in ourselves that it is the perfect pair for us, right?

I gotta admit i'm a shoe addict myself but I tend to be picky myself  because honestly I got a big shoe size. That's why I really look for a specific shoe brand that can offer me great shoe designs that suits my feet well.

Are you that type of sister who always buy shoes that you think are unique? Well, this might be a good find for you!

Here's a new discovery! It is a new shoe brand here in Manila that could definitely suite your personal taste—Não Do Brasil.


Opening its only store in Asia, this French brand of 100% Brazilian manufactured leisure footwear just launched at the premier Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.


Founded just in 2010, these unique, colorful and comfortable shoes quickly gained global attention and immediately set foot in over ten countries with stores scattered across Europe and the Middle East.


What makes this shoe brand stand out is that, 70% of the materials used in NÃO shoes are recycled or salvaged, giving them a second life made completely by hand by Brazilian adults in a purely craft setting. The materials used for the body of the shoes come from end of lines stocks which are selected and collected from various Brazilian manufacturers, helping boost local economy. As a result, most pairs are in limited editions and might not be seen again. Now, isn’t this a good cost to help up people and at the same time own a pair of shoes that would definitely stand out from the rest?

During the launch, different celebrities made its way to the stage to show their support for the brand. This includes model Bambi Camus walked with daughter Ally alongside, photographer Pat Dy and designer Frederick Peralta.



From the business sector, models include Reese Fernandez-Ruiz who heads social enterprise Rags2Riches; Azumi president Chris Chilip; and Shanghai-based architect and 2011 Outstanding Overseas Filipino worker, Marco Torres.


Fashion bloggers Christine Dychiao, Camille Co, and David Guison also strutted with their hand-picked pairs.


Also, upcoming stars Rafa Siguion Reyna, Tirso Cruz III’s kids Djanin and Bodie, and Jinggoy Estrada’s kids Julian and Jolo likewise paraded on stage.



The NÃO Do Brasil brand currently has 8 shoe lines. All of these are focused on three concepts-Brazil, Colour and Leisure.

Each NÃO Do Brasil model is designed and created for leisure and bears NÃO Do Brasil’s brand promise of comfort and style.

With over 3,000 color combinations and sizes ranging from 18 to 47, the challenge in every visit to a NÃO Store is going out with just one pair.

Sister, you can now put one foot in Brazil by visiting their store at 3/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. To know more, you can also like them at facebook.com/NaoDoBrasilPH and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @NaoDoBrasilPH.

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