What's It Like To Have A Blo Party

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everyone greet Nikita Conwi a belated Happy Birthday! Yayy! Weeks ago, we celebrated another year of her pure awesomeness at Blo Blowdry Bar at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.

Refreshments are all over the place courtesy of Da.u.de Tea Lounge. Can I just say that I enjoyed their tea so much that I will look for its nearest branch just to get another cup of tea?

The interiors of the Blo BlowDry Bar released the inner vintage persona in me. This picture in the wall is such an inspiration. I would want to have this one in our dining area and make this my daily inspiration.

My Cookie Lab is there to give away Whoopie Bars.I wish they sell this adorable thingies near my place because I definitely crave for the Wintermelon flavor. :)) 

La Vie En Rose Sweets is also there to give a taste of their delicious macarons! They come in different flavors and each of them is a blast! It's a must try everyone!

Everyone invited in the party is entitled to have their hair blo-ed. This is a nice party to throw in girls, right? And yes, I am thinking of holding my blo party soon as my birthday gets nearer. 

Since it is my first blo, I am so ecstatic to choose the best style that would definitely look perfect for my hair.

To see my hair straight again is such a sight to see because I really missed it that much! If this could just last any longer..

And here is the finished product! What do you think, friends? 

It does shows that I love my hair so much right. From my small unruly curls, Blo made my hair so fab and sexy with the Holly Would hair style!

Here's what my friend Monica had chose among the cutesy 7 styles--the Pillow Talk! This would defs be the next one that I'll try. :)

Once again, Happy Birthday Nikita! I hope you had a great one! 

Until the next Blo Party, girls!

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