The Mix of Black to Blue

by - Monday, March 10, 2014

Woot! I cannot deny how busy I am in school and how sad I become because I can't update my blog that often anymore. #bloggerstudentproblems

Anyway, remember my post about the Instax Share Launch? I would like to share my OOTD for that day! :)

Happy because despite my busy schedule, I still get to go to one of a kind events that I can't wait to share with you all. Well, I will get along with my backlogs very soon. *crossfingers

I'm also doing my first ever product review! I hope you watch out for that as well. And to my student readers, I know you'll be very interested to know what kind of beauty product that is!

Can I just express my love for this top? This simple sheer top became an extra awesome one because of the stud details on the shoulder area. It is definitely a great buy from Forever 21. Paired up with this vintage necklace from Bea's Place, I can't just contain how happy I am to have a great OOTD for this day!

Top: Forever 21   Shoes: SM Parisian Plus  Necklace: Bea's Place

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