My Experience On The First Alyanna's Fitness Party On Ice

by - Sunday, March 16, 2014

Guys, have you heard of the latest fitness party around the metro where everyone can definitely fit in? It's the Alyanna's Fitness Party!! :) And guess what, I am so lucky to be joining their first year celebration. The major twist on this party? It's gonna be on ice. :)) 

Look down and I'll tell you how all the things were actually pulled off. :)

This fitness party actually started small like others do. But because of how enjoyable the fitness parties are, plus the loots that you can actually take home, who knew that it will actually celebrate its 1st birthday in ice? 

What is a party without awesome cakes! :)

Alyanna Martinez with Gretchen Fulido and her dad Albert Martinez.

Alyanna Martinez (the daughter Of Albert Martinez) had started this initiative. Now, it has an official app for iPhone and Android phones. So guess just how this Fitness Party is growing big!


For the 1st anniversary of Alyanna's Fitness Party, Alyanna really had lots in store for us. From food, to goodies and to other stuff that every girl will definitely love, all the participants definitely enjoyed everything that's inside the SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink. :))

There are coaches all over the place for participants who are very willing to learn how to skate. 

I am with the awesome girls Kristen and Zandy. I'm so glad that I get to be with them in my first Alyanna's Fitness Party that's why I got the fullest experience even though its my first one. :)

Sabine Katigbak, a professional ice skater also performed the her "Let It Go" piece. :) 

Look at the special giveaways Alyanna had in store for us! :)

This can be found inside on each loot of everyone who came by the great party on ice that night!

We really loved our First Alyanna's Fitness Party! We hope to attend more Fitness Party soon! :)

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