The Best Holiday Drink I Ever Had

by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

First blog for 2014. Hurrahh! :)))

The holiday came early to Srenitea as they unveiled their very special drinks last Christmas season. Serenitea three exciting flavors--Cocoa Frost with Nutella, Chaffe Mocha Frost and Cocoa Cookies and Cream fr a limited time only.

The moment I saw this poster, I was really like, "I gotta gotta taste the Nutella drink because this is such a unique drink!" :) The other special drinks also looks delicious, too. It's just that I can't get enough of Nutella. Hihi. :)

So yeah, I headed to the nearest Serenitea branch from my place. Since i'm a southerner, I went to Serenitea Cinema ATC. The place isn't that big but I gotta say that I love how they designed the place from the tables to the store itself. :)

So yeah, I had my Cocoa Frost with Nutella drink. :) Oooooh, it was heaven sent! For those who are wondering, like what's said at the poster just above, these drinks go for large sizes only. So, you'll defiinitely enjoy this much-loved drink!

Oh and by the way, I really tried to see how they prepare my Nutella drink. And it was fun watching the staff grabbing that not-so-huge Nutella and mix it with the cocoa drink. I was like a kid who cannot contain my excitement. Hahaha! :)

The froth just from above makes it more delicious! The drink itself was just too good to be true. Swear! If you are also a great Nutella consumer, you really gotta get yours if they're still offering it!

As I drink it, I can taste the Nutella! There are actual Nutella residues below and it makes this drink more fun to drink. Hahaha! I definitely love Nutella.

The drink is oh-so-good! I give this two thumbs up! So yeah, for just a 140 peso, I got a piece of heaven by my hand. :)

Show me your thoughts if you tried or didn't tried yet this drink! :)

Happy 2014 ahead of you guys, by the way! 

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