My Eyebrows are finally reborn!

by - Saturday, January 25, 2014

I always have this love-hate relationship with my eyebrows. It actually started out when I was in Grade six. It was in my Graduation day when my mom brought me to a salon nearby to get my hair and makeup done.  Everything went well until this female at heart noticed how bushy my eyebrows are. She said that it looks so ugly that’s why she shaved my eyebrows without asking for my permission. Since I was too young back then, I already thought she knew what will make me look at my best for my graduation. Which is basically the reason why I let her do it. Once she was finished overdoing my arches, I wanted to cry because my eyebrows got super thin. And take note, they are not parallel!  I don’t want to show her how disappointed I was that’s why I just told my mom to pay for the services rendered. We left the salon immediately after that.

From then on, I never let anyone touch my eyebrows. I just don’t care no matter how bushy it looks like! That traumatic day really made a mark its mark in my mind.

When I reached college, I did my own make up when going to different functions. But the only problem that I encountered with makeups is that I don’t do my eyebrows because I don’t know how! When I look at my photos taken during an event, it seems like my eyebrows were on a disappearing act! It was a wakeup call for me! A call to action that I should prettify my eyebrows in any way!

My photo before I tried Eyebrow Reborn

I use to try doing my eyebrows when I do my makeup. But the thing is, I am clueless on how to start it up. So I just stroked the pencil on each of my eyebrows then smudge it, and voila! It appears to look like a witch! It saddens me because I thought of no other remedies for my eyebrows except the eyebrow pencil.

Until I was introduced to Eyebrow Reborn, my dilemma came to an end. Finally, I can get my eyebrows done and look just picture perfect in all the photos that I’ll be in. Just the thought of it excites me already because aside from the fact that my eyebrows will be oh-so gorgeous, I also found out that the Eyebrow Reborn is low maintenance. Meaning, I don’t need to apply something in order to retain the color in my arches.

So, on that particular day, I went to Pretty Looks Aesthetic Center in Ortigas to avail their unique service. I’m so happy to see the owner, Ms. Steffi Blair Ong, just by the reception area to welcome me and the other clients entering their humble abode.

The reception area of Pretty Looks Aesthetic Center

First off, they asked me to fill up the Personal Data Sheet and waiver first for their personal record. And then, we mainly proceeded to the main procedures. So I’ll show you how things get done! 

First, the ASSESSING stage. This is where they assessed my facial features, my current eyebrows, eyebrow shapes that would fit my personality, my hair color, and my skin type. 

Ms. Steffi Blair Ong (COO and Vice-President of Pretty Looks) assessing my facial structures.

I just had a request with my Aesthetic Expert before she started. I told her that I want the color of my future eyebrows to compliment my current hair color and with black.

Second is the DRAWING stage. This is where the aesthetic expert drew the perfect pair of my eyebrows. They enhanced it depending on the need of the client.

They may either make it darker, shorter, thinner, longer, thinner, or lighter.

The Aesthetic Expert shaving off the excess hair in my arch.

What she did with my brows aside from cleaning it is that she made it look fuller. 

She is now drawing the fuller eyebrow that will suit me best.

After she drew, the aesthetic expert showed me the result of my fuller eyebrows in a mirror. The dawing is already satisfying I have to say! In my mind, I keep telling myself that I’m ready for the best arches that I can ever have in my life! :)

The APPLICATION OF ANESTHESIA stage. They anesthetized the client for 15-20 minutes so that the level of pain during the procedure will lessen. No judging of pain yet, sisters! I’ll tell you what the level of pain is it that I’m talking about on the next stage. The Anesthesia felt just cool in my brows that’s why I’m confident with the painless procedure that is coming next.

The Aesthetic Expert is applying anesthesia to my eyebrows.

The PROCEDURE stage. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes to perfect your eyebrows. The procedure includes the application of pigments such as black, brown, chestnut brown, medium blond, or any color that will be needed. 

The Aesthetic expert started to do the Micro-Pigmentation on my eyebrows.

Ms. Janna, the Eyebrow Expert assigned to me, carefully did the procedure as I was lying in the bed. I can feel a little sting with the machine. But I swear, the pain is just tolerable enough for everyone. Be young or old, you’ll surely treat this procedure as one of your pampering moments. :)

She already formed an outline in my arch.

So that’s it basically! This is how it looked like soon after the procedure. :)
It is still quite fresh that’s why you can observe that it’s still dark. But Ms. Janna told me that in a few days, it’ll eventually dry up and you’ll see that natural pretty looking eyebrows of yours. :)

Photo with Ms. Janna just after the procedure.

After three weeks, I will come back for my retouch! :) If other clients aren’t satisfied with their first retouch, they can get their retouches up to three times. Take note, it’s free! That’s why it’s impossible not for you to achieve that perfect eyebrows that you always dream of!

The Before and After Look

I’m so happy with how they did my eyebrows that’s why I wouldn’t wonder how Pretty Looks Aesthetic Center reached 30 years of service in this kind of industry. They are well trusted by their clients and I’m happy because I belong to their community.

Another Before and After Look

This is how my eyebrows look after days of waiting for it to dry up!

It looks so natural, right?

Now my arches are beautiful more than ever! And take note, you can also have the same gorgeous pair of arches, too!

To know more about Eyebrow Reborn from Pretty Looks, click here.

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