A New Endeavor of a Blogger in a Reader's Eye view

by - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I wasn't aware that one of my Blogger inspiration just celebrated her 6th Blog Anniversary!

Can you guess who she is?

It's the Blog of Bestie Konisis--The Capricious Club

Let me tell you few reasons why I so love reading her blog posts.

1. Her fashion style is not that common in the local blogging scene. (Well at least for me) 

What makes her fashion style so cool is that she makes vintage very trendy. It's as if she can make the obsolete stuff become new again.

2. She posts unique photos of her OOTD and detailed shots.

Like in this shot for example. I think this photo is not used for commercial purposes. But her gorgeous face and awesome props make this photo so interesting in the eye of her readers.

3. Her hair style

I've seen her in a permed hair and her rebonded hair. Guess what? All of them complimented her! Plus her hair color! Ugh, why is your hair so charming Bestie. :)

I've read one of her previous posts that she finds Pixie Hair interesting though she can't still find the guts to try it out.

4. She  keeps her blog simple and easy to read.

If you'll try to observe her blog, you can really say that you are visually full from all the awesome photos that she posts. But apart from that, she keeps her description neat and sweet (plus straight to the point)

Also, I learn new words from her! It's very good for my vocabulary. Hahahah!

5. And lastly, she always make it a point to wear something unique and eye-catching.

Like this sweatshirt for example. The moment I saw her post wearing this sweat shirt, it makes me want to buy one! Isn't it too pretty? :) Another thing that caught my attention was her flats from Le bunny blue! I just love all the stuff that you post!

I wish for your blog to sustain its creativeness. :) You inspire a lot of blogger readers like me to improve my blog in terms of photo and content wise.

Stay pretty and keep inspiring us! 

PS. You gotta change your about description though. Make it 6 years. :)

Check out her blog at http://bestiekonisis.com/ !

She's also holding a giveaway in relevance of her blog's 6th birthday! http://www.bestiekonisis.com/2014/01/blog-birthday-thanksgiving-giveaway/ 

Check em out!! :)

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