The Debate over the Shades of Blue

by - Thursday, December 12, 2013

On my daily life, I always know that a nice tied hair plus a great combination of top and jeans would already make my day. I mean, they're such a nice combination, right? And at the same time, whatever weather comes ahead ( it maybe humid or hot on that day), just add an additional ensemble and they'll give you the comfort to survive your day. :) 

So, here's what I wore on one of my internship at Sister Secrets

I always tie my hair during my internship because it helps me focus on my work since my hair is not all over my face. But in this post, you'll see the difference of my hair tied and untied. :)

Since I commute everyday going to office, I prefer a clothing that is flexible wherever I am in. Good thing that I've found this really nice jeans from Giordano! They're stretchy and very comfortable I have to say. So, it's definitely my favorite jeans now. :)

The weather is kinda hot that day, but I know for a fact that the air conditioner inside the office is too cold. I actually get shivers there everyday that's why I decided to bring this scarf from SM Accessories. Can I just say that this scarf really helped me a lot in surviving cold environments!

On a side note, my internship with Sister Secrets has been great so far. Since my designation there is a Copy Writer and PR Writer, I get to learn the most-not-forget points of writing. At the same time, I enjoy the company of my other interns which later on I became friends with.

Just wanna share this one! I just love how this flats can take me anywhere. It's been very comfortable since I got it. So far, I encounter no problem because of it. You might not know how hard it is for me to look for nice shoesies or sandals but yeah, It is hard for me to look for one because of my shoe size. That's why it's like a gift from heaven when I got it over at Payless Shoe Store. :)

Top/ Cinderella, Jeans/Giordano, Hair Tie/Goody

Scarf/SM Accessories

Flats/Payless Shoe Store

Until my next Outfit post Loveys! :)

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