Shimmering Splendid

by - Sunday, December 08, 2013

If you saw my post about the launch of SM Accessories over at the New Megatent, you'd probably  know that I went there. (duuuh) And I was with friends from the internship I'm currently at. I'm glad that my internship over at Sister Secrets taught me lots of things that I would definitely use in real time.

Meet some of the lovely gals that i'm with during the launch. And yeah, Ms. Karen Bordador is there because she is my boss. Too good to be true, huh? :)

I was squealing in my head the moment that I see Nuffnang's December blogger of the month Mikyle Quizon just few meters away from us at the blogger's area. Damn handsome! :)) 

Also there in the event is Sarah Tirona. Dang! I wish you could see her gladiator sandals which is definitely eye-catching. Too adorbs! 

So yeah, the main point why I made this post up is because I want to share what I wore at the launch 
aka my #OOTD. :)

Most of the time, I buy clothes or dress for the events that I attend to at the last minute. And when I say the last minute, that would be the night before the actual event. And with the challenge of having a tight budget and you want to keep up that confidence because of the dress that you'll wear, the hunt for that dress could be quite a challenge!

Since I live in Manila during weekdays because of school, I decided to do my hunt over at Divisoria. Well, I only had my budget for the week that's why it's very hard.

But then., I'm very happy that I found this dress after an hour of going around 999 mall. And guess what, I scored this dress for only 250 bucks. :) That made my day!!

 I really love the details of this dress not only because of the way the gold shimmer is embelished on the dress but also of the silhoute sheer beneath the skirt. I think it justs add more drama to it! 

Gold dress (999 mall), Gladiator Sandals (Payless Shoe Store), Gold Clutch (Robbed from mom's closet) :))

Thanks Jheannalou Torre for the wonderful photos! :)

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