#WearYourColorProud with Loreal PH and Bangs T&J (Total Korean Experience!)

by - Friday, November 08, 2013

It was past 6 months I think when I had my last Hair Color over at a trusted local beauty salon in my place. I fully realize how my hair badly needs a rooting or full hair color if opportunity passes by. And luckily it did!! :))

I won the #WearYourColorProud courtesy of L'oreal Professionel over at Ana Gonzales (Anagon)’ The Fashion Commuter blog. It was so funny because I was at the bus when I saw that I won her giveaway. (Fashionista Commuter lang talaga ang feel! )

The Wear Your Color Proud campaign provides every Filipina the perfect hair color shade to enhance our natural features.

She decided to hold the Hair Color Treatment over at Tony and Jackey Salon at Festival Supermall. I’m so glad because I’m a south girl, too! That’s why I’m so near the place. :)

I am happy to see her the moment I stepped inside the salon. She didn't notice that it was I who won in her giveaway. (We met on previous events that’s why she knew me a little by face, I guess. :) )

Anyway, it is my first time at Tony and Jackey Salon that’s why it adds more excitement on my part! :)

Korean hairstylists in the room y'all!

Before I tell you about my hair color experience with the salon, how about a little tour first to Tony and Jackey’s Salon?

Can you just imagine how spacious their humble abode is? The couch is super long and comfy! Guess that would attract many customers.

Next, can you imagine yourself so bored in a salon because you need to wait for like forever until your hair service is done? T&G has an answer to that! Look closely to the photo below. You can see that the mirror also serves as a computer screen if you feel like watching a movie or surfing the net. :) Awesome, right?

They provide locker services if you brought lots of stuff with you! :) Impressive.

Here's my before photo! 

The lovely assistants immediately checked out my hair and let me choose what color I will go for. But to tell you the truth, I don’t know what color suits me best. All I know is that the color should complement my skin best. Then Ms. Jua, my Korean hairstylist told me that Light Brown will be the best color for my hair.

As I wait for the chemicals to be absorbed by my hair, Ate Anagon and I shared lots of stories to each other. You know what, I was so at ease the moment we had our conversation. Seems like we've been friends before. :))

Funny how I look like a monster with the chemicals in my hair! :))

Ate Anagon wasn’t able to have her hair colored because she just had one for like a month ago. So she went for a Hair Treatment instead. :) Redhead muna ‘til it reach few months then brown na daw ang ipepeg nya! So gotta watch out for that. :))

The hair shampooing is done. And I just can’t wait to reveal how my new hair looked like!

So here is my new hair (after photo)! How do you like it wanderers? :)

Meet my Korean Hairstylist Ms. Jua and her angels!

Since we both felt that we wanna talk more, Ate Anagon and I went to Tous les Jours to grab a snack.

It’s the first time that I tried the place and I would really recommend this a must-go-to place whenever you crave for breads and pastries. :)))

She let me choose anything that I like but I don’t know what to pick because everything looks oh-so yummy! Really. But I went for the Milk Bun because I’m such a dairy addict plus a Café Latte!

She then had a croissant and a Café Latte. Looks delicious, too! :) We shared these delicious macaroons which is also very yummy. It was so perfect for my sugar cravings. :)))

Instax Time! :) Ate Anagon got an Instax Mini 8 Classic Camera. It was so lovely and its color is very alike to the macaroon.

Ate Anagon shared a lot of stories. We found out our common denominators like we are both Feasters (The Feast) and we are both a Fashionista Commuter!  Aside from that, I’m so honoured because she shared lots of tips and advices when it comes to blogging as well. I learned a lot from her. :)

Grabbed from Anagon

 As a reader of her blog, I feel so appreciated because she made so happy on this day. No wonder Mommy Arnie treats her as a big sister. I feel like treating her the same because she’s very kind and humble. One of bloggers that I would really look after.

Today has to end but she gave me something before we go separate ways. This big loot full of different awesome stuffs! You’re the best Ate Anagon! :)))

I hope we bond again! Till soon! :D

Btw, the Wear Your Color Proud campaign starts on Nov11! This 1-for1 promo will be available in the partner salons of L’Oreal Professionnel: Bench Fix Salon; Bang’s Tony & Jackey; Henri Calayag Salon; Philippe Tordjman Le Salon; Regine’s:

Also, check out her blog entry about our Sunday date, LOL :)) http://www.anagonzales.com/2013/11/l-wear-your-color-proud-with-tony.html

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