Power of Style with #SMAccessories111213 !

by - Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SM Accessories once again proved that they are the Philippines' Fashion Authority! Last November 12, 2013, they launched their Holiday Collection PLUS they revealed the brand's expanded set of ambassadors. 

DJ Nina Saputil pumped up the crowd that night with the hippest songs of today.

This fashion show full of the feast of gorgeous accessories were led by the three highly celebrated SM Accessories Ambassadors. It was first Xian Lim who showed up through the country's "it" crowd by being the alpha of the antelope group.

Next was Georgina Wilson who presented herself as the flight of the avians.

and Anne Curtis escorted by the pack of black panthers.

Some of the models showing the fabulous Holiday Collection of SM Accessories! 

All teens must celebrate because SM Accessories added the Teen Royalties of today's generation to be on the brand's roster of ambassadors. 

Teen Royalties showed themselves as the leep of "AristoCats". Enrique Gil, Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla strutted to the geometrical runway exuding the spirit of their feline counterparts the tiger, snow leopard, leopard and the cheetah. Exquisite, right? :)

The show closed with a bang, treating the high-energy primal dance number stomping through the watering hole set in the middle of the avant-garde runway.

I always like giving little gifts to the wanderers who read my blog. So here's to you! Presenting you the photos from the Press Conference of the Ambassadors of SM Accessories together with a hint of their preference over accessories. :)

JC Cuadrado hosting the Press Conference for SM Accessories roster of ambassadors. :)

Georgina Wilson said that she always prefers statement fashion gears like statement necklaces, statement bracelets and the likes.

Julia Barretto says that it was her necklace with her name "Julia"  that she treasures the most. According to her, it was a gift from her mother that makes it the most special accessory of her ever! :)

Kathryn Bernardo loves loves to wear headbands. Nothing more, nothing else. 

Enrique Gil said that it's always the dog tags that he wears that adds swag to his everyday look.

Anne Curtis-Smith talks about her ear piercing. Fun Fact: She had it since she was 21 and she wouldn't take it off unless it's really needed. :)

Photos by Jheannalou Torre and Yours Truly

Congratulations SM Accessories! :)

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