Cagayan Valley Escapade Day 3

by - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, a gloomy weather woke us up. So sad because we got lotsa stuff to do that day but there was  a typhoon at our area. You know what's worst, the typhoon had its land fall at our current place.

So in order to entertain ourselves, we just played around with the team's external flashes inside our room in Balai Cagayano. :)

We stayed the night at this lovely abode only to find out that the generator is broken. We are so scared at the moment because it's October 31. Spooky!!

The typhoon was so devastating that it broke all the communication in the area. I feel bad for the local people there because I know that their daily budget was put at risk because of what the typhoon had brought in their livelihood.

Good thing that there's a good tomorrow that's waiting for all of us. :) See you on Day 4!

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