What it felt like at #CandyFair2013

by - Saturday, October 05, 2013

To tell you the truth, I was hesitant in going to Candy Fair last September 28, 2013 at Metrotent, Ortigas because I gotta do something else later that afternoon. But then, I realized that I really wanted to go and I was wishing for a miracle to happen so that I can make it to my first Candy Fair ever.

A night before the Candy Fair, I saw in my interactions a tweet tagged to me by Aisa Ipac. I won 2 tickets to the Candy Fair 2013! :) Because of the great news, I decided to go no matter how busy my Saturday will be.  Thank you sooooo much Aisa!!

I went to the venue an hour before the event. (You can see how pretty excited I am!) There were lots of Candy girls who wanna spot Candy Cuties at this early time of the day. LOL 

I saw the SM GTW first. They offered free hair makeover that suits your festival OOTD. The braids definitely complemented my outfit!  

I went next to the Carefree Booth.

Wasn't expecting Joyce Pring to be there. She’s so pretty. And her hosting skills? It was hella perfect. :)

She’s very humble because she entertained every candy girl who wanted a picture with her. We even have mug shots as well!

I love this booth very much. It is so cozy inside and there are different background pictures that you can use for your shot.

They have this competition wherein you get to design your photo with the materials provided by them. Whoever has the most creative one wins something from Carefree.

The next booth that I’ve been to was at the Safeguard booth. They provide these cute loot bags to everyone who visits their booth.

Spotted: Four Candy Cuties!

Here’s my other favorite booth at the fair-the Instax booth. 

But this time around, I got instaxed with some of the Candy Cuties!

I am really happy because I bumped into Kuya Paul and Ate Anagon again. They are so nice to me and even offered me to have another instax photo taken again. :) I sooo love these guys!


Later on, I saw Alexander Diaz all over the place because he was hosting the Candy Fair. Every Candy girl went gaga over him because he is so handsome. (And I definitely agree to that!) 

Look at that Candy tats on his neck! 

Free popcorns are offered in the Chic Nails booth. I think this completes a festival experience, right? I feel like I am actually in a festival in America because this is how they actually celebrate a fair there.

At the Skinwhite booth, they offered free hair chalk to every candy girl.

And if you purchase worth a hundred pesos of their merchandise, you get to have a t-shirt that you can customize. Designs and materials are provided that’s why I think this is a fun thing to do while waiting for the Music Festival to start.

The Pure ‘N Fresh booth also offers free hair makeover if you buy a certain amount of their product. 

And lastly, the Ellips Cologne Booth. Buy some of their fragrance and score exciting prizes! :)

It was an achievement for me to go to all the booths during the fair. There were lots of super fun activities that every Candy Girl would enjoy and learn at the same time.

But this was the end for me for now because I have to head now to Alabang Town Center for the Relient K show!

So until the next Candy Fair Loveys! X

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