OneRepublic Live in Manila

by - Saturday, October 26, 2013

I've been a fan of good music ever since and I would say a very picky one, too. Music definitely is the best platform for me to express my emotions and personality in a different perspective. I'd sing my heart out while playing the guitar, and Voila! the old has gone, the new one has come. :)

Now why am I saying this? One of my all time music influences OneRepublic will visit Manila few days from now! This will happen on the 6th of November at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. *Screams!

I'd like to ask you guys if you still remember the day when Jabbawockeez used the song Apologize on one of their performances in America's Best Dance Crew Season 1? Hell, that performance blew me off! I can still remember mimicking their steps during the high school days. Haha! #DoNotImagineYoungPattDancingHipHop LOL 

I'd prefer music not only about love and romance, but also the inspirational ones as well that would really pump my spirits up, and definitely, OneRepublic made it to my list. :)

One word to describe OneRepublic? EARCANDY. I just can't stop singing their songs from their latest album Native. (LSS in a very not annoying way! :)) )

As a present to you my dear readers, i'll be picking out five of my favorite songs from their present and previous albums. (This will be a tough one. :o)

In no particular order. #FeelingBeautyContest :)

1. Counting Stars

2. Apologize

3. Secrets

4. If I Lose Myself

5. Good Life

Listen up fellow bloggers! If you're also a fan and you wanna watch OneRepublic for fuuuu-reeh, Nuffnang is giving away free passes to twelve lucky bloggers. Best of luck co-bloggers! :)

Ongoing Giveaway

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