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by - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Note: This is the first ever Belle De Jour Event that I've been to. :)

On my part, every lady should be very knowledgeable on how they should really take care of themselves. We are like a flower, so fragile that a little damage can cause us a lot. I have to admit that I still lack knowledge when it comes to knowing me as a girl. Until I found out about the Belle de Jour Beauty Social Talk held last September 29, 2013 at Skydome, SM North Edsa.

Look at these people! :)

The Beauty Social Event was open to everyone but only the pre-registered participants were able to get themselves a loot bag with different beauty products.

The schedule of the different talks was also at the guide so that ladies can still go around the different booths while waiting for their turn on their chosen talk.

My chosen talks were the Max Factor’s How Do I look with the renowned Makeup Artist of Max Factor Bobby Carlos, L’oreal Paris How to look Parisian with Makeup Artists Gex Garcia and Verna Marin, and Signature Scent’s with Ralph Lauren by Nicki Naynes.

I was so stunned when I heard that the host for this day’s activity was Tracy Abad. I am an avid listener when she was still in a morning radio show. She’s witty and she’s gorgeous. She represents what a Bella is like. :)

Of course, the booths were all around the place offering different services that every Bella would really love to try.

Goody is here to give a sample of their Ouchless ponytail!

Celeteque offers Free Skin Analysis to Bellas with troubled skin.

Icure Natural Aqua Gel is trying out their latest product to the Bellas!

Ralph Lauren offers free sample of their Ladies Big Pony Collection! I’m so inlove with No. 3. :)

I wonder if they sell this huge canisters of Ralph Lauren. Hahaha! :))

Yves Rocher offers Skin Analysis as well. I’m really happy that they introduced me their Matte Moisturizer! They taught me the right way of taking care of my skin.

Shiseido and their vast makeup buffet!

Too Cool For School has a cool Korean game called Yutnori over at their booth. Trivia: This game is a traditional Korean game played especially during festivals and holidays!

Here are some of their products.

Meet my newest obsession-the After School BB Foundation Lunch Box that comes with highlighter and concealer! It's an all in one package and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one!

They have awesome staffs as well. They were very accommodating when it comes to the Makeup application part.

Garnier offers free mocktail to everyone!

This Wild Mojito makes me insane. It was so tasteful. :)

But if you want to be your own makeup artist, you can try and become one at Max Factor's!

It was a Question and Answer during Bobby Carlos' talk.

Bobby Carlos introduced to us the latest product of the Max Factor, the CC Cream. Also known as the Colour Changing Cream.  The great thing about this one is that it has different shades that could match your skin tone.

In regards to liquid make up foundations, I found out that after applying it on your face, you should secure it with a powder that is complementary to the shade of CC Cream that you use so that the color quality will not be affected.

These are some of the models who applied CC Cream. Look how naturally flawless their skin was after the application!

The next talk I’ve been to was the L’oreal Paris, How to Look Parisian. Gex Garcia and Verna Marin got a good combination to ladies who wanna achieve the Parisian look. It is a trend seen nowadays especially in the red carpet arena.

They even gave a demo to this girl on how to achieve Parisian look that a woman can use for everyday activities.

I’d really wanna try this look one of these days if given a chance. :)

Spotted Georgina Wilson over her talk about Garnier's newest product! She is one awesome, sleek, and beautiful lady!! Definitely over qualified to become Garnier's endorser! :)

And for the last talk I’ve been to, I found my seat at the talk Signature Scent’s with Ralph Lauren’s Fragrance Expert Nicki Naynes. 

She taught us the different types of fragrances, what kind of perfume lasts the most, and how to apply it to achieve that long lasting scent with your friends noticing it. (and I mean the last one, seriously!)

This is also my first BDJ Beauty Social Talk and I am really looking forward to the next! I hope you can go with me on the next one! X

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