The Next Level of Singing Competition!

by - Thursday, September 05, 2013

In case you don't know, I am very very affiliated with music. I am a singer/bassist of my band Lunchbox. I was once a choir member way way back. And I do play the lyre and acoustic guitar.

Music and I have this love-hate relationship which then later on grew into a fruitful relationship.

If you ever saw my post about the Bazooka Rocks II, you'd really know who I listen to nowadays. Anyway, I will stop babbling and let's get this thing done!

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations and ISland is proud to present to you The AD Factor!

This is a singing competition that is open to all the students of Advertising and Public Relations. With students coming from different year levels, we finally came up with thirteen semi-finalists! 


In this singing competition, you get to see solo, duo and group compete for the title The First Ever Grand Champion of The AD Factor.


Also, people from the Music Industry had already shown their support for this big event. Singers like Gary V., Nyoy Volante, Jose Mari Chan and Princess Violago are already on the list.


The thirteen semi-finalists will have their Performance Day on September 21, 2013. For more updates, you can check us out at or follow us on Twitter at


The first ever Grand Champion of the AD Factor will take home .... (Drum Roll, please?)

For now, I would like to show you the official AVP of the announcement of the thirteen semi-finalists. :)

Just stay tuned for more updates! xx

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