The First DLSU Student Media Congress

by - Thursday, September 05, 2013

If you guys will try to observe today’s lifestyle, I have to say that many had already changed. Like from the way we communicate to the way we see things through the media platform.

I am quite sure that each of us wants to be on the latest trends with the current digital breakthroughs. Also, we can help a little knowledge on how we can maximize these breakthroughs at their fullest.

That’s what the 1st Student Media Congress is all about. This congress emphasizes on the Social Media Breakthroughs. This was held last July 26-27, 2013 at the De La Salle-Manila.

Photo grabbed from
Photo grabbed from

Student Media Practitioners, Campus Journalists, and Communicators are among the delegates that were invited to take part in this 2-day Congress.

It was my first time to visit the DLSU-Manila that’s why I’m really excited. I don’t know anyone in my circle going to the congress. That’s why it’s an alone time for me.

The program started with the Invocation. 

The La Salle Dance Company was there to perform for the event, too!

The President and Chancellor of De La Salle University, Br. Ricardo P. Laguda FSC gave his welcoming speech to everyone.

The first speaker for the Day 1 was Ms. Maria Ressa, the CEO and Executive Director of Rappler. In case you didn’t know, Rappler is a Social News Network. It has collaborative stories with a blend of expert opinions and the wisdom of crowd. You should really check out!

She even entertained some questions from the delegates.

“You only need a single person to step up, then the rest follows.” – Maria Ressa

How about a round of applause to this great speaker because of her vast knowledge in Social News Platform and how we should all take action from there.

The next speaker is Mr. John Nery, Senior Editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer. His talk is about Redefining reading: Taking print to the next level. We all know that the Newspaper is now accessible through our Ipads and mobile phones. That’s another way of maximizing today’s technology by the great newspaper brands. Convenient isn’t it?

I wasn’t able to hear Mr. Jaemark Tordecilla’s talk because I went to the Yuchengco Lobby early to go around the different booths open for everyone. J

I first visited the Nikon Booth. That’s because I wanted to check out the lenses available since I just acquired Heather (my 3100D Nikon DSLR). I was really freaking the hell inside of me when the guy from Nikon told me that I can try this 300mm lens. Omai!! 

The moment the lens was changed, I just want to runaway and have with it. But sadly, I can’t. So I just took some sample photos so that you can also see what the image is like in Heather’s viewfinder. :)

Look how happy I was when I got my hands on this gigantic lens! (My heart's still pumping heavily! :p) 

Next stop. The Gatorade Booth. I always find myself to be the sporty chic (Sorry for the word! J) ever since  elementary. That’s why, even though I’m wearing my heels, I’m ready to shoot some basketballs in the ring.

Later on,  Jeron Teng of the De La Salle Green Archers came by the booth to play. He has this good built I must say. Nobody attempted to go against his score. (That moment was really funny because the staff was asking if anyone want to go against him, then there was deadline)

Lunch time came and the organizers had set up a mess hall just below the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. I wasn’t expecting the free Jamba Juice to everyone who has the coupons. Yummy treat for the delegates!

Fun Fact: Do you know that the exterior design of this building was actually Henry Sy's thumb mark? You choose whether it's the left or right one. :)

Mr. Val Victa was the next speaker. He is the Assistant Vice-President for Ad & Promo for Manila Broadcasting Company. He can bring the crowd into commotion especially during the Bamboo Joke. (Of course, nobody can forget the Bamboo joke! :p)

And it's raffle time! It's funny because everytime this guy with the La Salle jacket appears onstage, delegates were already screaming and shouting. :)) I must say that the congress really had generous sponsors. 

The last speaker is Mr. Nandy Villar, Head for CRM & ABS-CBN Marketing. I already heard his talk during the MSAP: Brand New World. He talks about the breakthroughs the ABS-CBN has gone through ever since it had its main stay in the television scene.

For the 2nd day, experts from the field of broadcasting, print and digital media like Mae Paner aka Juana Change, Patrick Diokno, Carlo Ople, Jiggy Manicad, Ted Failon, Paul Malicki, Ramon Bautista and Boy Abunda are invited to share their knowledge on various topics offered on the second day of the seminar.

This is a great first! Now, every delegate is anticipating for its sequel! Thank you De La Salle for organizing such an empowering congress! :)

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