Japanese Food is the New Soul Food

by - Sunday, September 08, 2013

I’ve been under stress especially during the past weeks because of midterm exams and shit load of things to done at the same time. Sometimes, I just wanna escape the reality and run a life under my own rules. But, I really believe that there is a great learning behind everything that we’ve been and will be going through. 
Did you notice that a lot of people are eating their most-liked food when they get really stressed and toxic of everything around them?—Soul food. My soul food would definitely be a ton of ice cream to ease out my pressure. Sure that it’ll ruin my diet. :)

Well recently, I’ve been visiting Ramen X at Alabang Town Center to try cuisines of unique flavors. Of course, good price should be on the top priority!

For today, I tried the Oishi Ramen.

FYI. This is my first legit bowl of Ramen ever.  

Look! It’s a Naruto. To let you know, the Naruto is a white radish like fish meat that has a twirlie in the middle. Yummmy! :D

I didn’t expect that I could finish a bowl. It was just too much. But I can’t help because it was too delicious and it has just the right of kimchi on it. The Ramen is tolerable for people who are not that into spicy noodles! Try it now!

For people who have a sweet tooth, (like me!) I’d always go for a dessert after the main course. So, I saw this new place called Yumi’s Taiyaki Japanese Cakes.

I am really fond of buying Japanese Cakes especially now in college. It’s because there are lots of Japanese Cakes Stores in my school that costs around less than P10.00 each! But this Japanese Cakes are different.
They are fish-shaped Japanese Cakes with the different fillings to choose from.

I had the Classic Custard first. It literally tasted like Eggnog! But I can say that it is really good. I finished the whole even though I am so full because of the Ramen. 

I also get to taste the Sweet Custard Cake which similarly tastes like the Heaven Berry of J. Co. Doughnuts!

Indeed I found my new soul food. I hope you get to look out for these stores and make your tummy shout for joy! :) 

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