Binge Shopping at Bazaar For All Seasons 3!

by - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey, the “ber” month had started already! Do you have your Christmas shopping list prepared yet? :) If not, lots of Bazaars are already planned so that you can get away with the huge number of people around the malls. (You get to buy goodies for less too! Believe me. :D)

Going to bazaars really wasn’t my thing before because of the lots of walking involve (Yeah, I really mean lots) and the bargaining for you to get a good buy. But later on, Fashion Blogging taught me the other way around. And yes, Bazaars at this moment is a must-see for me. (Even though that means I have to stash lotsa cash! XD)

I am very happy because I get to witness the third sequel of the Bazaar For All Seasons last September 1, 2013 at the Elements Tent, Centris at Quezon Avenue. Indeed a good way to start the month, right? :)

Different online shops have their own stalls there so as well our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

I’d like to give you a tour on some shops that I’ve been to!

To start it off, I went to the Bea’s Place.
I am happy to finally The Fashion Bamboozle! It’s Bea Benedicto. :) You can check her blog at

I am so in love with these rainy boots! They’re so trendy that you can wear them even on rainy days. How I wish there’s a size that would fit me best.

Her booth has lot of accessories, too! If you know me so well, you know how much I love to excessorize. :)  There are varieties of rings, necklaces, ballers and other stuff to choose from. 

This caught my attention while I was looking around her booth, a “Little Prince Daily Planner”. It was a cutee! :) Do you like it as much as I do?

Bea Benedicto’s booth is just beside Mikki Galang’s booth. You can see Mikki Galang’s blog at Her blog’s name is “Break My Spell”. You won’t even bother cuz she’s one heck of a chic! :)

She has tons of makeup reviews every fashionista would really read! I am one of her avid readers. And I envy her curls from Tony and Jacky! XD 

For my next stop, I went to the Zatchelle Shop and bought myself a new Satchel bag. :)

Aztec designs, country flag designs and more are on display that costs P399.00 only! (They had that sale because it’s the last day of the bazaar)

In the end, I bought this large mustache bag for the same price. I lurve it! <3
If you’d ask me to recommend you what fashion gear is a must have for every girl? I will have to recommend you a piece of a classy watch. Anything can do well with a classy watch! :)

Of course, my heart melts every time I get to see beautiful watches at a low price. Till I saw all these Casio Watches, I would really want to buy every piece of them! (I just wish I could. :()

In the end, I bought mine at the Xin and Co. and ShopBlue booth. I love how accommodating these ladies are! :) I heard that the owner of ShopBlue came all the way from Bataan and this is their first bazaar ever! So how about show some support for these lovely gals by following them on instagram at @xinandco and @shopblue? :)

Then, I bumped over to these cutie-patoootie booth.

I also saw these books written by Mina V. Esguerra. I’d really want to read this trilogy. The books really have good reviews over the internet. :)

How about some show of hands to those who find these floral headbands really beautiful? (Well, virtually!)

Over to my last stop. Of course, I will never forget visiting the Raid My Closet’s booth and CraveMore booth! Raid My Closet is by my dear mommy Arnie Villanueva and CraveMore is from tita Christine Liwag. Please go and check their blog out at and :)

Raid My Closet's Booth! 

Cravemore's Booth! 

Mommy Arnie let me choose among these lovely Marshmallow bracelets from Simone’s closet.
But then, I went for the gray one. I think they will be versatile in every outfit that I have.

So that ends my escapade over at BFAS. Until the next Bazaar For All Seasons y’all!

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