Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle!

by - Saturday, August 24, 2013

Health and Wellness has been my priority lately ever since I got into jogging again. I've realized the importance of maintaining a great lifestyle after all the strenuous activity I've been to. That's why when I found out that there will be a health and wellness event like Nestle Wellness Expo,  I  never missed the chance to go to this unique one of a kind event.

Last July 14, 2013, I went to the Nestle Wellness Expo at the Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall.

This event is already on its 4th year and it’s been anticipated by families living mostly around the Metro.

To be able to take part on this event, you may either register online or walk-in through the Megatrade Hall 2. (But I suggest you register online because the place gets crowded easily!)

Upon registration, they will give you a bracelet tag which you’ll be presenting on every booth that you are about to visit.

If there is one thing that I love in this Expo, it would definitely be the technology that they had used in the event. The bracelet tags given to every participant serves as their time inside the venue. Also, you can check how many booths have you visited already  just by tapping your tag to the  tablet held by the Nestle Wellness Expo staff on every booth.

After the registration, the ushers will lead you to a room discussing the Expo’s rules and regulations.
It was discussed on the rules and regulations that every participant should stay inside the premises for maximum of two hours.

If you get to visit at least three Wellness booths and have your own nutritional consultation taken at the same time, you get to take home a token from Nestle--a Nestle Umbrella!

Different booths from the vast range of the brands of Nestle are there to grace the event. (Each booth is giving away their own freebies that's why it would be best to visit them all!)

Nestle Ice Cream

Different Variants of Bear Brand

Nestle Nesfruta


Nestle Fruit Selectionn Yoghurt

Nestea Iced Tea

Nestle Low-Fat Milk



Even the Nestle Wellness has their own booths for everyone!

Wellness Quiz Bee Booth

Pose Your Wellness Booth

Nestle Kitkats are also overflowing around the place. (Yummy!)

Of all the booths that I’ve been to, I’d like the Nescafe booth best. They’re already celebrating their 75th year and I should commend how they set up their booth.

On the leftmost part of the booth are the different products of the Nescafe brand. 

Woot! I tried their latest product-the Frappe.

I also participated on one of their games. You’re just going to pass the balloon to the one on your right. Once the music stops, you’re out.

Yaay! I won a canister filled with the different Nescafe products.

Here is the Nutritional Consultation Booth wherein Nutritionist-Dietitians are present to analyze what lifestyle do you have now and how would you make it better. They would also recommend you certain products that would help you maintain a better and suitable lifestyle. 

In the end, I met the requirements needed and had my own Nestle Wellness Expo Umbrella (apart from all the freebies that I received from the booth)!

In this Expo, I had learned that Balanced Diet and Balanced Exercise is equals to Balanced Life. Live Life, Live Healthy! Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle! :)

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