Photo Diary: Bohemian Shoot

by - Friday, July 05, 2013

Chew on this, my real first love is photography. Actually, my childhood photos speak for themselves.

This Photo Diary is my first legit photo shoot ever. I was invited by my friends before to come and join them on their shoots before, but I wasn't able to participate due to some priorities needed to be done first.  

Our set is somewhere in Angono, Rizal. It was an uphill and it has this really, really great view at the top.
Disclaimer: It was a hazy weather up there when we came that’s why we didn't get the kind of light we wanted to achieve for this photo shoot.

It will be the first time I posed for a conceptual photo shoot: The Bohemian Shoot. My outfit was not really that Bohemian because I don’t actually get to study the concept that much for it was kind of late when I found out that I can come to the shoot.

I’m not really much into Fashion Photography until this day. I've came to realize the beauty of taking a fashion shoot. This is also the time wherein my friends and I applied all the lessons we have learned from our past experiences. College indeed is a training ground of what you wanted to pursue sometime in the future.  

I bought this floral dress from Bloggers United 5. Lovely isn't it?

Okay, I was trying to achieve that fierce kind of look, but it really doesn't suite me at all. That’s why I ended up with the chaste smile that complemented me more.

Here are the other photos taken by my ever-loving friend Jhean. 

I wouldn't pass the chance to take photos of my friends since photography is my first real love.
For the photos below, I used a Nikon D3100.

The Photographer: Ramel Castillo

The Model: Samuel Cabilte

Jhean on her lovely Gipsy Get-Up

There's a story behind this outfit but I don't wanna blurt it out or else my life will be at stake!

There's actually a Beatles St. on the Philippines. :)

The rock indeed made a great backdrop. 

In the Green Fields lay a great person with a great personality.
To sum it up, it was a quite tiring yet a very satisfying day for all of us. We've got great photos and at the same time, our friendship was strengthened as we experience things along together. I look forward to more photo shoots with them whenever the time permits.

It's a day well-spent.

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