What’s it like to be in Sta. Mesa

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If only you knew how the flood easily rises every time it rains in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

I study at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Since Freshmen Days, I’m already aware that Sta. Mesa is a catch basin. This made me decide to find a dormitory so that I have a place to stay in every time the rain is about to pour real hard.  Having a place near my school is very helpful especially because I don’t want to commute every day.

I hate my Monday schedule. Would you ever consider a 6:00-9:00 pm class every Monday? Maybe. But in my case, it was 6:00 pm last night and it was raining very hard. I’m afraid that classes might get suspended and I’ll regret that I ever went to school on a Monday. Good thing my professor came. She is witty, yes. But then as she keeps on blabbering, the rain pours harder and harder. I can see people waiting for a suspension or maybe an early dismissal. Until my friend received a text message, “Suspended na daw.” I don’t know if I will tell my professor that she have to stop talking or we’ll all end up stranded because of the great flood that awaits us.
I decided not to tell her because I want to make my first class a worthy story to tell when someone asks me about it. Well, my classmates didn’t tell her anything either, so I don’t blame myself for that. I’m with my two friends the moment we came out of the school building-Alexis and Jhean.

As we were about to reach the gate, Jhean suddenly suggested that we should eat some “porridge” (lugaw) since it’s pretty cold and she already missed it. Alexis liked the idea but I was thinking twice because I know that we will end up wet since we need to go through the flood. 

They can’t be tamed. So we all decided to walk towards the Lugawan.
We were walking when I came to realize that my friends are wearing their most loved shoes. Jhean is with her DIY shoes while Alexis is wearing her Red Pony Sneakers. I am quite thankful because I’m wearing my slipper sandals. J All of a sudden, we were shouting on the streets because we don’t want our feet to get wet. Though I know that’s quite impossible to happen. We went through it until I saw this frog hopping in front of me. Since I’m not a fan of reptiles or amphibians, I’m too hesitant to walk ahead.  But then I can’t stay there forever, so I chose to walk through the other side.

First challenge. Cross the street with a flood that’s about an above-ankle height. They don’t want to risk their shoes getting wet so we were standing there for like minutes until a pedicab came. They asked the pedicab driver if he can cross us through the street. I’m glad he was kind enough to let us be on his cab. We were thanking him after we got to the other side of the road. (Look how dedicated we were in eating porridge.)
We were already walking on the street of my dormitory at that time hoping that the store is open. Yes, we were uncertain about the availability of the Lugawan. Until we saw another flood in front of us, another challenge came to our senses.

Second Challenge. Cross the flood by stepping on a rock placed by a concerned man who saw us deliberating on how can we get to the concrete road. Jhean was the first one to leap through the rock. She lost her balance upon stepping on it which made her shoe wet. Alexis came next. The man placed another rock because of what happened to Jhean. In short, Jhean was the guinea pig. (kidding!) Then, my turn came, it was a success!
Then, we were walking through the concrete road. Finally, we saw the Lugawan. It’s open!! But, the problem is, it’s on the other side of the road. Again, we have to go through that flood so that we can finally feed our hungry tummy. It’s funny how we were shouting to the vendor because we badly want to eat. He said that we have to cross so that we can eat. Ugh!

FINAL Challenge. Cross that street so that we can finally eat!!
 There was a tricycle heading towards us. Another savior! The driver was also kind to help us with our dilemma. The three of us were in the backseat plus the driver. Imagine how imbalanced that tricycle was. The sidewalk is not flat, instead it was slope. Until the tricycle was about to lose its balance, the driver shouted, “Bumaba na kayo!” I don’t know if he was mad or not, but he made me immediately went off to his tricycle. I hate to say this but as I stepped down, there’s still the flood down there. My feet is really soaking wet by then. Jhean and Alexis saved their shoes. And finally, we get to eat porridge. J

We were all savouring the moment by then. We were so happy chatting while eating our food. We can’t believe that we had to do everything for a porridge. 

Or is it just that they serve really delicious porridge that’s why we took such risk. J

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