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by - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

So here it goes. My first real blog.

As you can see, the name of my blog is On my Bucket List:  Blogging. It’s mainly because ever since, I wanted to write all my thoughts, and Blogging I think is the best platform for that. But, I was too timid to do this before because of some past related experiences that eventually affected me as a writer. Good thing, for some reason, I got over it and i'm finally putting a check mark on my bucket list.

This interest finally triggered when I attended Blogger’s United Five.

Before anything else, I would like to thank Samuel Cabilte for showing me the whole blogging industry. It is a world I never thought I would belong. 

I went to Blogger’s United 4. It was the first time I'd ever heard of them. Bloggers United are a group of  bloggers merged together to inspire people when it comes to fashion, social life, events and photography.
It was a great experience especially because I am with my closest college peers.

After BU4, I started following Bloggers United on twitter to get daily updates from them.  

Eventually, #BU5 was announced and I didn’t hesitate to prepare for it by getting the latest updates. 

Until few weeks before the event, I’m very happy because I won on one of Bloggers United ‘s games on twitter. The game #NameThatShade2 wherein I got a free nail art courtesy of Beauty and Butter. Plus, Arnie Villanueva  and School of Satchel™ gave me passes that’s why I also invited my sisters at the event.

The moment I went to Function 3 of SMX, the long line of people waiting for their turn to get their tix caught my attention. So thankful that the three of us are on the Guest List.

People inside the Function Room were too busy looking for great deals. Bloggers here and there are chit-chatting, bargaining, and taking pictures together with their fans. No wonder people were so hyped with BU. It is mainly because they’re all fashionistas with a humble heart. 

I had my nail art done later on. Bought a floral dress that my sister wanted for me. And an earring with a camera design which makes my jaw dropped.

Pazzo Jeans also had this promo that if you give them an old pair of jeans, they’ll be replacing it with a new one.

It was a very hot and tiring day but all the efforts paid off.

Every blogger inside that function hall mesmerized me and eventually made a huge impact on me.

I am now writing blogs and hopefully be as successful as these bloggers are. :)

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