Ladies Never Admit They Need This: Starting up a Makeup Kit

by - Saturday, June 08, 2013

I saw this one article by Ms. Regina Belmonte. It’s all about the five must-have items in your makeup kit. I’ll try to interpret it the collegiate way.

Before I go through this article, I just wanted to point out the common misconceptions some girls have in regards to makeup.

  • Makeup is for ‘kikays’ only. Not true. Makeup was created for everyone to enhance their prime assets-the FACE. It can be worn everyday in order to establish a brighter and lighter face.
  •   People tend to be judgmental about ladies who always put makeup. I guess it’ll be right to judge someone about her makeup when it doesn’t fit the event that she’s about to attend. For example, you saw someone wearing a heavy makeup on an evening occasion. On situation like this, it is always best to keep down your makeup and maintain that natural look people would love to see rather than making your face look like a color palette.
  •  You don’t need makeup. I don’t think so. In this kind of environment wherein everything seems to be stressful nowadays, you should need something to lighten you up and build that confidence to pump up your day. (I don’t know why but I always get the feeling of being more confident after putting makeup on.)
  •  Makeup means to put lots of stuff on your face. Nope. Five-items ain’t that lot, right? Two things why I think girls whine about this: Maybe they’re time savvy or they hate the heavy feeling on their face or they’re just allergic to makeup. Application of these stuffs can take you at least 5-10 minutes. I think that wouldn't take much of your time, would it? (See example below.)There are other types of makeup that gives you that light feeling you always wanted. I would prefer you using powder instead of the cream type so that you can eliminate the heavy feeling. Girls who are allergic to makeup can use organic makeup or Mineral makeup to lessen allergic reactions. But it will still be helpful if you seek your derma’s opinion FIRST before using anything on your face. I don’t wanna get blame for that.   

Okay, Now that I had clarified some stuff about Makeup, we shall now go through the article by Ms. Regina.

The five must-have items in your makeup kit as to her are:  eyebrow definer, an eyelash curler, mascara, concealer, and a lip and cheek tint.

If you’ll try to notice the five items, most of them are placed in the eye area. I think it’s because our eyes tend to speak for ourselves most especially when we can’t find the words to express our feelings. Try to observe someone who is sick, it is their eyes that tell how sick they are. Defining your eyes can make your face look livelier.

Eyelash curler and mascara can make your eyes look bigger. No need for eyeliner. Well, eyeliner is basically used to set eyes on the mood upon the occasion you’re attending.

Concealer. Well, you need to cover up these dark circles to make you instantly less tired. For college students, we have to accept the fact that we have to stay up for something that’s school-related. Another day in the University means another stress that’s about to be absorbed. Cover up that dark areas and blemishes to brighten up your face. Just make sure you find that right shade that suits you.

Lip and Cheek Tint is something that I haven’t tried yet. But I’m sure it’ll be very useful especially if you prefer bringing clutches and small bags with you whenever you go. It’s handy and it gives you the healthy color you want to achieve.

Disclaimer: You should try to canvass for some makeup brands who give a good price in return of a good quality. Makeup can be costly, too. Bear that in mind.

Here is my recommendation: The Collection Cosmetics Philippines

United Kingdom's most fashionable make up brand is finally here in the Philippines. People, you should know that they sell their cosmetics for such affordable prices. We'll be the best products to fill your makeup kit. Their Grand Launch will be on June 19, 2013. I hope these great people from The Collection Cosmetics Philippines will invite me over on their grand launch and hopefully give you people a virtual tour of what’s about to happen on that big day. 

I saw this instructional material that suits us college ladies to maintain that everyday natural look that certainly came from The Collection Philippines.

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Acquire that stuff you need to achieve your desired everyday look and surely people will notice you in such a complimentary way.

Remember, makeup is used to enhance your natural assets but it doesn't mean that after using it, you’ll be prettier you wish to be. That’s a fallacy.


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